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Jawa 42 Bobber
Jawa 42 Bobber
Rs. 2.09 Lakh
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Jawa 42 Bobber User Reviews

Based on 248 reviews & 79 rating
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  • Fantastic bike

    It was a fantastic bike i buy this bike on sept 2023 and i found this was a good then i expected

  • 4.2
    Driving experience tohda

    Driving experience tohda acha hai tohda kharab hai, Cruise bike hone ki wajha hai, 100km/h pe jaate hu hwa ki wajha se driver piche ki taraf ho jaata hai, Baaki sab toh acha hi hai

  • 4.6
    Overall style good and quite

    Overall style good and quite aggressive, Engine offers a good performance, Riding and handling abilities are very good and nice also, Service cost are average overall bike are good and nice

  • Long rides

    The jawa 42 bober bike is a stylish and modern iteration of the classic jawa motorcycle design.With its retro-inspired looks and modern engineering, It appeals to both nostalgia enthusiasts and riders looking for a reliable commuter bike.The ergonomic design ensures comfort during long rides.Its distinctive styling, Including the bobber-inspired seat and minimalistic design elements, Sets it apart from other bikes in its class.Overall, The jawa 42 bober combines heritage with contemporary features, Making it a compelling choice for riders seeking both style and substance.

  • Great Bike

    The Jawa 42 Bobber bike represents a stylish and contemporary take on the classic Jawa motorcycle design. Combining retro-inspired aesthetics with modern engineering, it caters to both nostalgia enthusiasts and practical commuters. Its ergonomic design guarantees comfort on extended rides, while its unique features like the bobber-inspired seat and minimalist design elements distinguish it from other bikes in its class. Overall, the Jawa 42 Bobber seamlessly blends heritage with modern features, offering riders a compelling choice that embodies both style and substance.

  • Comfortable ver

    It's amazing to ride this bike very comfortable very fabulous experience

  • Buying process

    1.**buying experience:** purchasing the jawa 42 bobber was smooth and enjoyable.The dealership staff were knowledgeable, And the buying process was efficient.They provided all the necessary details and options, Making it a positive experience.2.**riding experience:** the riding experience on the jawa 42 bobber is exhilarating.The bike's design offers a comfortable riding posture, And the handling is responsive.The engine provides a good balance of power, Making it enjoyable for both city commutes and highway rides.3.**looks, Performance, Etc.:** the jawa 42 bobber boasts a distinctive and stylish design.Its retro-modern appearance, Coupled with quality build and finish, Adds to its charm.The performance is impressive, With a reliable engine delivering a satisfying blend of power and efficiency.4.**servicing and maintenance:** so far, Servicing and maintenance have been hassle-free.The manufacturer provides a comprehensive service schedule, And the dealership has been prompt in addressing any concerns.Routine maintenance is straightforward, Contributing to the overall positive ownership experience.5.**pros and cons:** *pros:* - unique and eye-catching design - smooth and responsive riding experience - reliable engine performance - minimal maintenance hassles *cons:* - limited storage options (if that's a priority) - some riders may find the seat less comfortable for long ridesoverall, The jawa 42 bobber delivers a satisfying package, Combining style, Performance, And a pleasant ownership experience.

  • 4.6
    ChatGPT 3.5UserJava 42

    Driving experience: the java 42 bobber offers a thrilling riding experience with its comfortable seating position and smooth handling.The low-slung design adds to the cruiser-like feel, Making it enjoyable for long rides.Mileage:the mileage of the java 42 bobber varies, But on average, It delivers a decent fuel efficiency for its class, Providing around 25-30 km/l, Depending on riding conditions.Pickup and engine performance:equipped with a robust engine, The bobber demonstrates impressive pickup, Especially in the mid-range.The 300cc single-cylinder engine provides sufficient power for city commutes and highway cruising.Service cost:service costs for the java 42 bobber are relatively reasonable compared to some competitors.Routine maintenance doesn\\\'t put a significant dent in the wallet, Making it a practical choice for maintenance-conscious riders.Build quality:the build quality is commendable, With sturdy construction and attention to detail in design.The fit and finish are impressive, Showcasing a level of craftsmanship that adds to the bike\\\'s appeal.Overall, The java 42 bobber offers a compelling package with its comfortable ride, Decent mileage, Satisfactory performance, Manageable service costs, And solid build quality, Making it an attractive choice for riders seeking a stylish yet practical cruiser.

  • Great Bike

    I purchased a Jawa Maroon Classic, but my riding experience has been disappointing. The bike is challenging to maneuver, making it difficult to push or pull due to what the showroom mechanic attributes to the "large rim." The back wheel spins rapidly, causing concerns. Additionally, the clutch lever is uncomfortably stiff, causing wrist pain, and the mechanic couldn't provide a solution. The engine's sound is not impressive and even becomes grating after a ride, persisting when the engine stalls. While the bike offers decent comfort for short rides, longer ones can be painful. On the positive side, pickup, speed, and other performance factors are acceptable. However, there are significant drawbacks, including corrosion of the leg guards and silencer within a year, with unexpected holes developing in the silencer. This is surprising considering the expected quality, akin to Hyundai. Parking the bike on the center stand requires considerable effort, and the overall appearance is good, although it falls short of being a perfect replica of the original Jawa. The materials used are of poor quality, causing discomfort for the rider in various aspects, such as clutch levers, center stands, and wheel spin harshness. The bike's sound is both grating and uninspiring, and the mileage is not as high as expected.

  • RetroInspired Cruiser with a Modern Twist

    The Jawa 42 Bobber is a new take on a fogy sportfisherman, linking traditional two wheeler rudiments with slice- bite features to give an indelible and Fashionable riding experience. Its Mechanism, which combines coincidental engineering with the spirit of quaint sedans, delivers a smooth and pleasurable interpretation. The bike's two wheeler is a twist to Classic sedans, with introductory factors and a special bobberstyle face. Its retrocool atmosphere and special two wheeler make the 42 Bobber sit out to riders who value the combination of traditional and coincidental factors in a sportfisherman motorbike, indeed if further comfort features may ameliorate its touring capabilities.

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