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  • Electric Mobility Redefined

    Ampere Magnus EX, the new electric vehicle from Ampere magnus, sets new standards in environment friendliness with its fierce power, extended mileage, and functional make. Power from a capable electric motor being applied, it provides acceleration that's as smooth and quiet as possible, so it can definitely be ideal for daily drive around the city. Having powered by a lithium-ion battery which is long lasting, the Magnus EX‘s range is so generous and makes riders not be in a shortage of miles even with only one charge.

  • Most practical electric scooter

    If it drive decently it gives 70 to 80 km driving range and is a very practical electric scooter. The main thing in this electric scooter that it does not have any problem for daily use with the good range and is good than ola because there is lot of problem with the ola. The ride quality is very good with the linear power delivery like engine scooter and the look of this scooter is very good. The brakes are fine and the features in this scooter is very good and is the most practical scooter in the electric world.

  • it is an attraction magnet

    I am not satisfied with this model. It gives mileage of around 80-121 km on a single charge, depending on riding style. It's a stylish scooter with a modern design. the seating spacious and comfortable for city rides. This scooter is a budget-friendly option compared to some other . The worst thing I experience is about after-sales service and long wait times. The top speed may not be ideal for me, especially on high-speed roads. The suspension may not handle rough roads exceptionally well.

  • Electrify My Ride with the Ampere Magnus EX

    From a stoner's viewpoint, the Ampere Magnus EX provides an effective and environmentally responsible City transportation option. It electrifies my trip. I'm a ultrapractical person who values sustainability, therefore I'm veritably impressed by this model's immolation. It's an excellent option for anyone appearing for comfortable and aseptic transportation because of its electric drivetrain and stoner- friendly features. My preference for Trips that are ecologically apprehensive but yet simple and ready to exercise is the Ampere Magnus EX because of its capacity to exhilarate my bike and give aneco-friendly Safety option.

  • Electric Efficiency for Urban Exploration

    The Ampere Magnus EX an invention which is their herald of a new age in commuter vehicles. It is indeed an innovative machine that gives you the experience of all-electric efficiency and also eco-friendliness but doesn’t compromise on performance. The electric scooter engine has a low noise and its rapid acceleration feature makes it very convenient for each day commutation and short drifts around town. The vehicle has the advantage of it being light-weight its quick handling which makes it so easy to maneuver through traffic.

  • Discovering the Future of Mobility Ampere Magnus E

    utilizing the Ampere Magnus EX is like probing the future of mobility because its Modern project and environmental friendliness. It is an ideal accompaniment for effective and clever construction of megacity strategies because its satisfying work with stochastic materials. Ultramodern materials and clever connectivity improve the overall experience, while electric motors and smooth translations provide Eneco-friendly and fun lifts that I can maneuver with confidence and faculty thanks to Magnus EX's smooth shape and sharp running, which it offers for the sake of comfort and luxury in stable public spaces. It is more than just a scooter it represents progress and demonstrates Amper’s allegiance to environmentally friendly travel.

  • Electrifying Urban Mobility

    The Ampere Magnus EX is an electronic scooter that idealize for urban going around with its advanced system, modernistic design and new environmental approach. This is powered by a motor which has high - performance characteristics and therefore it offers instant torque, smooth speeding which makes it simple to ride and thus giving a quiet and simple riding experience. The redesigned Magnus EX offers up with its streamlined body, top of the line materials and state of the art features which none can compare with in that it causes movement of people up and down streets for a closer view of the beauty it possesses.

  • Ampere Magnus EX Empowering My Commute with Electr

    Eco-aware commuters, hello! What's the Ampere Magnus EX. Have you heard of it. Its electric fineness is transubstantiating City transportation! The thing of this lean and fashionable scooter is to lessen my carbon copy footmark and enhance my standard commute. Its quiet motor and low emigrations mean that every trip will be comfortable and environmentally salutary. also, the Magnus EX makes exchanging simple with its improved features and canny commands. For those who are prepared to electric fineness, the Ampere Magnus EX is an excellent option!

  • Stunning and practical EV

    Ampere Magnus EX is a stunning hit in the electric scooter market, because it's nature is user-friendly, economically practical, and affordable all at the same time. Due to the robust electric motor, the Magnus EX is smooth and quiet, which allows it to be anti-noise for city driving. Being lightweight, its design makes moving around traffic a walk in the park while its long lasting battery gives users a longer ride. The Magnus EX is demonstration of that future mobility with features like regenerative braking and digital display providing.

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