Benelli TNT25 vs Mahindra Mojo: Comparison Review

The latest entrant in the performance streetbike segment, the Benelli TNT25 battles it out with the Mahindra Mojo on some beautiful mountain roads





Benelli TNT25 vs Mahindra Mojo




Imagine if I were to give you Rs 2 lakh and ask you to buy a performance streetbike. I am pretty sure 80 per cent of the bikers will return back with a wide grin on their face astride a KTM 390 Duke. This really isn’t surprising (it will be my pick as well) as the KTM motorcycle offers you brilliant performance, features and bang for a buck like no other bike in its segment. Now what about the minority 20 per cent that didn’t bite the KTM bait owing to its “too aggressive” power delivery, taxing riding posture or the unrefined powerplant? Gladly for such prospective clients there is an alternative in the form of the DSK-Benelli TNT 25 and the Mahindra Mojo. Both these motorcycles are aimed at consumers looking for a relaxed premium streetbike that would struck a chord with mature buyers who don’t want to scorch the tarmac every time they sit on the saddle. So which of the two should be your pick? Read on to find out the answer.



Benelli TNT25 vs Mahindra Mojo static




Design & Features:

Benelli TNT25: rating_3.5_rating

Mahindra Mojo: rating_3.5_rating

In terms of sheer styling, none of both the motorcycle in this comparison is going to win any design accolades. The DSK-Benelli TNT25 has clearly taken deign inspirations from the KTM 200/390 Duke range of motorcycles. Gladly in flesh though the bike looks better than in pictures and increasing its appeal was the Italian tricolour inspired paint scheme. The headlight is erringly similar to the Duke offering with a small windscreen above it but the chunky USD forks finished in silver along with the multi-spoke alloy wheels give the bike an aggressive style. The chiselled fuel tank, split seats and the sharp looking tail section with the beefy exhaust muffler complete the modern naked motorcycle styling of the bike.



Benelli TNT25 vs Mahindra Mojo details pic




The contrast red colour frame and the mesh finish on the centre panel are the standout visual features and the TNT25 also gets LED indicators. Now onto the Mahindra Mojo and I must admit that I am not a big fan of its styling. Yes the production model is a much better looking bike from the concept still its aesthetics have failed to impress me.  Having said that, the junta seems to have an opposite opinion as wherever we went during the shoot, it was the Mojo that grabbed the most eyeballs. One of the main reasons for this is its large propositions and the trick LED DRL’s which seemed to have appealed to the youngsters.



Benelli TNT25 vs Mahindra Mojo details




Both the motorcycles employ a part-digital instrument cluster with the large tachometer taking centre stage. The Benelli offerings gets the advantage of gear position indicator while the Mojo displays the maximum speed recorded and shift light indicator. Switch gear and hand grip quality of both the motorcycles is good while the Mahindra offerings switchgear is backlit. Fit and finish levels on both the bikes are agreeable justifying their premium price tag. 




Benelli TNT25 vs Mahindra Mojo in action




Engine & Performance:

Benelli TNT25: rating_3.0_rating

Mahindra Mojo: rating_4.0_rating


Talking about numbers, the Mahindra Mojo gets a power output of 27PS and 30Nm of peak torque. Its Italian counterpart on the other hand generates 28PS and 22Nm of maximum torque. Both the bikes employ a single-cylinder and liquid-cooled unit while the Mojo has a benefit of extra 50cc displacement. The Benelli TNT25 has more horsepower and is 6kg lighter than the Mahindra motorcycle but real world performance is disappointing. Acceleration is decent but the Benelli motorcycle has poor mid-range and top end. Also the powerplant lacks refinement and vibes could be felt through the handlebars, tank and footpegs.



Benelli TNT25 vs Mahindra Mojo action image




The main reason for the performance deficit of the TNT25 is the fact that the Mojo has a more torque. This enables it with better mid-range and top end while the engine is also brilliantly refined. The only thing working for the Benelli motor is the throaty exhaust note that is better than the Mahindra motorcycle. Both the motorcycles employ a 6-speed gearbox which performs decently and we would have preferred more positive shift action. The gear ratios on the Mojo are also better distributed for city as well as highway riding.  In terms of performance and refinement, the Mojo trumps the TNT25 and the Benelli engineers have to work hard on improving NVH levels. Talking about fuel efficiency both the motorcycles returned us an overall mileage of around 25-30kmpl. This translates into a real world range of 460km on the Benelli TNT25 (17 litres) and 560km on the Mahindra Mojo (21 litres) on a full tank of fuel. 






Benelli TNT25 vs Mahindra Mojo cornering




Ride, Handling & Braking:

Benelli TNT25: rating_3.0_rating

Mahindra Mojo: rating_4.0_rating


Riding position on the Benelli TNT25 is a bit sporty with the flat and wide handle bar alongwith the rear-set footpegs. However the tank recess is a bit odd which doesn’t allow the rider to firmly lock his thighs around it. The riding posture on the Mahindra Mojo is much more relaxed and comfortable with the slightly swept back handle bar and centre-set footpegs which gels well with its touring dynamics. Both the bikes employ USD forks at front and a monoshock unit at the back take care of suspension responsibilities. The Benelli has been stiffly sprung and it is evident the moment the motorcycle is ridden over broken roads. The ride quality feels harsh and even the smallest undulations of the road are sent to the riders back. On the other hand, the Mojo offers a magic carpet like ride quality as it gulps down all the bumps and you can even ride it over rumble strips without your back going for a toss. Also the Mahindra Mojo has better ground clearance than it Italian counterpart whose catalytic converter does tend to bottom out and one has to be extra careful going for large speed humps. 



Benelli TNT25 vs Mahindra Mojo




The suspension setup of the bike is just spot on for our roads and it definitely is among the highlights of the motorcycle. Show the motorcycle some twisties and it’s the Benelli that displays more enthusiasm as it tips from one corner to another joyfully despite the fact that our test bike was shod with the base MRF tyres. The Mojo on the other hand isn’t a happy soul around corners as the long wheelbase and additional weight try to bog it down. The Pirelli tyres try to improve the handling performance with their leech like grip but even they feel a bit helpless after a certain point.



Benelli TNT25 vs Mahindra Mojo rear static




So with respect to handling, it’s the Italian offering that comes on top. Braking is done by disc brakes on both the motorcycles while ABS isn’t offered as an optional extra on the duo currently but there are plans to provide the same on the Mojo soon. Braking performance of the Benelli TNT25 was highly disappointing as the front brakes lacked bite and feedback while the rear disc brake did an average job. The brakes on the Mojo do a great job of shedding speeds but the bite on the rear brake is a bit too strong and the rear wheel gets locked very easily. 




Benelli TNT25 vs Mahindra Mojo pic





Benelli TNT25: rating_3.0_rating

Mahindra Mojo: rating_4.0_rating


Let’s get the pricing bit out of the way before proceeding to the verdict part. The Mahindra Mojo has been priced at Rs 1.73 lakh which makes it the most expensive Mahindra motorcycle, the Benelli TNT25 is the cheapest motorcycle from the Italian bikemaker at Rs 1.68 lakh. It is also offered in another variant with the Metzeler tyres at a premium of Rs 7,000 (note all prices mentioned are ex-showroom Delhi). Coming back to the conclusion, I had presumptions that the above comparison will be a closely contested fight and we will have to really dig in deep to come up with a winner. But at the end of the day it was a pretty straightforward answer and it’s the Mahindra Mojo that triumphs this comparison. It has better ride quality, more powerful and refined engine and better brakes.



Mahindra Mojo wheelie pic




Overall as a machine, the Mahindra Mojo is definitely the standout product among the two. Reliability of both the motorcycles remains a questionable proposition but Mahindra enjoys a strong goodwill among the masses and this should help the Mojo in this factor while Benelli is slowly establishing itself in our market. The Benelli TNT25 does have better styling and handling going in its favour but there are more cons than pro for the product. However if you’re hell bent on the TNT25 we would suggest you to go for the Metzeler tyre option owing to its better grip and performance at a marginal premium.