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Kinetic Green E Luna
Kinetic Green E Luna
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  • Good quality i am satisfied

    The Kinetic e-Luna is an electric scooter making a comeback in the Indian market, aiming to be a stylish and affordable electric two-wheeler option. It offers a clean and silent riding experience. While it is not meant for high speeds, it should provide enough pick-up for navigating city traffic. Generally it claims a riding range of around 110 kilometer. The price starts around Rs 69,990 which is decent in this features . However, it may not be the best choice for those searching high speeds or the latest technological advancements.

  • A Nostalgic Twist to My Daily Commute

    When I saw the Kinetic e Luna, it was like a blast from the past but with a modern twist. Considering its design and utility giving it a try was a definitely best option. The e-Luna is powered by a 250W motor paired with a 48V, 20Ah battery promising a range of about 70km per charge. This is quite sufficient for running daily rides around town.The lightweight design and ease of handling are significant plus points. However, the performance feels underwhelming particularly on inclines. The top speed of just about 25 km/h is quite limiting if you are used to faster rides.

  • Very bad product.Company claims

    Very bad product.Company claims 110 km one charge, But physical one charge 62 km only.Shoks are 3rd gred, Feels so many jerks on plain road also.Switches are cheap quality.Side indicator never work when you need it.Big problems in software.Bike stops running after applying immergancy breaks.Company give no response to your mail.Customer care number and service center both are useless.

  • Embracing the Electric Future

    Experience true Sustainability with the Kinetic E-luna" Its eco-friendly electric powertrain provides quick acceleration and a quiet ride. Plug-and-play given feature allows for easy charging everywhere. Thanks to the steering and agile aspects, as well as the lightweight design, it will not be difficult to navigate the heavy urban traffic. Experience a limitless comfortable ride in the city roads and lanes while together contributing to the fight against climate change Be the part of electricity revolution of tomorrow without missing Kinetic e-Luna the EV charging station.

  • Very decent moped

    It is a proper moped and i like the look of this moped it look very nice and unique and is a best choice for many small business. The storage space of this electric moped is brillant and the seat is very very decent with good spacing and in the electric scooter i think it is the most practical scooter. The brakes is good and is very good to have in a electric vehicle to achive a good range but the speed could be more and the features are less.

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