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Kawasaki Z900
Kawasaki Z900
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  • The kawasaki z900 is

    The kawasaki z900 is a high-performance motorcycle known for its impressive power, Handling, And overall ride experience.Here are some excellent things about its performance: powerful engine: the z900 is equipped with a potent inline-four 948cc engine, Delivering exhilarating acceleration and plenty of torque throughout the rev range.Smooth delivery: despite its powerful engine, The z900 is renowned for its smooth power delivery, Making it easy to handle in various riding conditions.Agile handling: the bike features a lightweight chassis and nimble handling characteristics, Allowing riders to confidently navigate through corners and twisty roads.Stable suspension: the z900 is equipped with adjustable suspension components, Providing a balance between comfort and sporty handling.Riders can customize the suspension settings to suit their preferences and riding style.Braking performance: with its high-performance braking system, Including radial-mounted calipers and large discs, The z900 offers excellent stopping power and control.Modern features: the z900 comes with modern features such as selectable riding modes, Traction control, And an advanced instrumentation panel, Enhancing both performance and convenience.Comfortable ergonomics: despite its sporty nature, The z900 offers a comfortable riding position, Allowing riders to enjoy long journeys without feeling fatigued.Stylish design: beyond its performance capabilities, The z900 boasts a sleek and aggressive design that turns heads wherever it goes, Reflecting its high-performance characteristics.Overall, The kawasaki z900 excels in providing an exhilarating and engaging riding experience, Making it a top choice for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking a blend of performance, Style, And versatility.

  • 5.0
    This is my 3rd

    This is my 3rd year ownership review of kawasaki z900 2021.I bought this superbike on 3rd march 2021.As on today the 2nd march 2024 i have completed 27300 kms.As japanese stands for relailibilty and refinement.This bike is no exception.Till date absolutely no issues apart from general wear and tear parts like brake pads and tyres.What is good! 1.Good mileage of 18 kmpl overall.( highway 22-24).2.Fantastic top speed of 250 kmph.(my best 222kmph)3.Rock solid reliability no issues whatsoever.4.Amazing heat management.5.Fantastic pick up, Wheelie machine.6.Torque throughout the rev range.7.Refined in line 4 engine.What is not good! 1.Hard suspension not good for bad roads.2.Worst rear seat comfort.3.Average brake bite compared to superbike standards.Maintenance and running cost of kawasaki z900 in 3 years.(27300 kms odo).1.Total fuel cost = 1516 liters = rs 1.65 lakh.2.Total full 6 services cost = 1.04 lakh.3.2 pairs of veridestian tyres = 52k.4.Own damage insurance for 3 years = 45k.5.Washing detailing amt spent in 3 years = 15k approx.Total running and maintenance cost for 3 yearsrs 3, 81, 000/- this roughly translates to 1, 27, 000/- per year.Verdict i am super satisfied with kawasaki z900.Very difficult to pick negatives.Its amazing value for money superbike.Fantastic all rounder, You can have super fast sunday rides or take it for touring without having wrist or back pain, Cruise at 110kmph or rocket off to 200+ in few blinks, For 12lakh budget nothing comes close to this japanese beauty.Very reliable.You wont let it go but may add supersport for fun beyond 250kmph, If you have sufficient vitamin m.

  • 5.0
    Looking good at in all bikes

    Looking good at in all bikes i want to buy the bike one day definitely be positive and i like this bike very much so i don't check mileage anything i'm not check i like it this it.

  • Formidable addition

    This is a formidable addition to the world of naked sports bike's.For me it's a thrilling yet practical riding experience.The in-line 4 is just so op.Coming to it's pros - you get in line 4 in just 10-12 lakhs with immense power compare to other naked bikes.You get the aggressive looking naked sport's look.Mileage is okay.Advance electronics.Agile handling.Comings to it's cons-limited wind protection, Minimal storage, Stiff ride, Intense throttle response.Overall the bike is good for everything.

  • 4.2
    Price section

    Great bike in this price segment i love the torque and 0-100 in just 4 seconds its been two months i'm riding this bike and this is an actual monster highly recommended

  • 4.6
    Accessories answer

    Hello riders clan, This is my ownership review of kawasaki z900 2021.I bought this superbike on 3rd march 2021.Just to give back ground of what i was looking in my first superbike1.Relailibilty2.Refinement3.Torque throughout the rpm range4.Decent milage5.Good topspeed6.Good heat management7.Long distance decent riding comfort8.Riding modes, Traction control, Led lightning9.Priced reasonablyquestion : did it check all the above pointsanswer : a huge yesssssssi have completed 5500 kms as on today the 15th oct 2021.Positives1.Brutal acceleration 2.Most refined in line 4 japanese beauty of 948cc3.Fantastic heat management 4.Torque monster.25kmph in 6th gear no jerks5.Decent mileage 17.5 to 23 kmpl for 948cc6.Decent top speed of 250kmph stock7.Rider modes with custom mode which turns the bike from controlled aggression to uncontrolled aggressionnegatives1.Worst rear seat comfort.Can't sit for more than 5kms2.Wind blast ( a good visor can be helpful ) issues faced : nilquestion : happy paying 11.5 lakh with accessories answer : extremely happy.

  • 5.0
    Empty highways

    This bike is scary if you are jumping to this directly from a sub 300cc bike. But once you get a hang of it, it's so much fun. In city limits, it can ride easy in any gear, and on highways, that's where the fun begins. There is a difference in power once you reach higher RPMs and that's when you would enjoy it even more.It's has an easy almost upright riding position, only slighly agressive. Seat height is a bit taller now, and the ground clearance is improved as well. Exhaust has a beautiful grunt to it which you can hear while riding as well. TFT has very clear display and is visible during day as well. I like the road rider mode, which has full power and bit of traction control as well. Sports mode makes the throttle very s****h which is only good if you want to ride agressively, i.e. switch gear and accelerate non stop, which is not possible in city, but definitely good on empty highways, or tracks. All in all, it's an awesome update for the z900

  • Awesome Bike

    The Ninja Z900 bike is a powerful and nimble machine that provides an exciting ride for any rider. With its 948cc engine producing 125 horsepower, it's one of the fastest bikes in its class. The bike features a lightweight frame, adjustable suspension, and a slipper clutch for improved handling and stability. Its sleek design includes LED headlights, a TFT color display, and smartphone connectivity. The Ninja Z900 is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-performance bike capable of handling various road conditions.

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