Who are Terrain Tigers?

A team of enthusiasts who have only one religion: off-roading


Maruti Gypsy King Terrain Tigers

While some prefer to drive to the nearest hill station on weekends, there are others who prefer something out of the box. Terrain Tigers from NCR is a group of entrepreneurs, managers and others whose passion is to venture out into uncharted terrain in their Mahindra Jeeps and Maruti Gypsies modified for off-roading. Neeloy Sarkar, Sanjiv Singh and Rahul Roy founded Terrain Tigers to channel their passion for off-roading. Also Read: Off-road driving techniques

“Off-roading is a religion for us. We started as two people and now we have members over 200 and counting,” said Neeloy. “My Gypsy cost me Rs 3.5 lakh. We do help each other out in sourcing parts to make our cars absolutely fit for off-roading,” he added. Along with the Jeeps and Gypsies, a couple of Fortuners are part of the fleet. “We got a number of requests from premium off-road vehicle owners who also wanted to join the team. So, in our complete off-road course there are two categories – extreme and soft-roaders,” said Neeloy.


The course started with navigating steep inclines and for the true blue off-roader, the motto is to never give up. Sachin, a novice in the team also takes his off-roading very seriously. The white Gypsy King owner took six attempts to climb an undulated incline where he was honoured with a standing ovation



Monster Terrain Tigers



A stand-out was a fully modified off-roader owned by Sumeer Tandon called ’The Monster’. Built on a Gypsy frame the Monster features locking front and rear differentials, Sparco bucket seats, numerous buttons for various controls and more. The engine block from is from a Maruti Baleno while the head is from the Gypsy's 1.3 litre engine.

Terrain Tigers has given off-roading a big boost in the NCR region. And just in case you are thinking of buying an off-roader, Terrain Tigers also help rookies procure a used 4x4 off-roader for Rs 1.5 lakh, modify and repair it, and then teach them the ropes to get the best out of off-roading.


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