Volkswagen Could Bring CNG Cars As A More Fuel Efficient Option

With BS6 emission norms set to be implemented soon, Volkswagen could replace its diesel models with CNG-powered versions

  • From the looks of it, VW is unlikely to update the 1.5-litre TDI engine for BS6 emission norms.
  • The 1.5-litre TDI option could be replaced by a CNG-powered 1.0-litre engine.
  • There are chances of VW introducing CNG variants of its premium cars as well.

It’s no secret that Skoda, which has been put in charge of the Volkswagen Group in India, is working on a revival plan called ‘India 2.0’. Under this plan, Skoda is planning to introduce eco friendly CNG models to comply with upcoming BS6 emission norms. This was confirmed by Zac Hollis, Director, Sales and Marketing of Skoda India,  in an interview to ZigWheels. Apart from the Czech carmaker, even it’s sister brand VW too is likely to hop onto the CNG bandwagon.


Since the fate of diesel engines post the implementation of BS6 norms still hangs in the balance, buyers looking for fuel efficient options might have to look elsewhere. And Volkswagen is planning to fill that gap with a CNG option. CNG cars are as fuel efficient as diesel cars and have much lesser running costs as well. The brand could also offer the more fuel efficient option in their premium offerings. For example, internationally, the Volkswagen Golf TGI comes with a CNG option. 

The shift from BS4 to BS6 emission norms is a big jump. Petrol models will go through minor mechanical changes and are expected to cost Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 more than before. On the other hand, diesel vehicles require a handful of changes and are expected to get pricier by a lakh. And thanks to this hefty premium, manufacturers are fearing that diesel vehicles might not sell as well as before. Hence, some manufacturers are discontinuing diesel models in India altogether.  

Volkswagen in India has two tried-and-tested diesel engines - a 1.5-litre TDI and 2.0-litre TDI. The 2.0-litre TDI engine is found in the brand’s premium cars like the Tiguan and Passat, and we already know that this motor will be upgraded to meet the upcoming emission norms. Meanwhile, the smaller 1.5-litre TDI that’s found in mainstream models like the Ameo, Polo, Vento and Rapid might face the axe. 

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Manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki are also planning to more CNG models as a fuel efficient alternative. India's largest carmaker has sold more than 5.65 lakh CNG cars in India till July 31, and this proves India has a strong market for CNG cars. 

But what could create a problem for Volkswagen is the image of CNG fuel in India. It is largely considered as a cheap fuel that’s mostly used by autos and taxis. Plus there is the added disadvantage of long queues at CNG fuel pumps due to their limited numbers in India.  And a person who’ll be spending approximately Rs 10 lakh to Rs 15 lakh on a car wouldn’t favour this experience.  

We think a switch to CNG is a smart move because not only does it give customers a cleaner and low cost fuel option, but it also reduces the dependency on diesel and petrol. The government has already planned to set up 10,000 CNG pumps in the next ten years and this could help improve the image in the country.


Source - ET Auto



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