Seat’s First Electric Scooter Is Straight Outta Star Wars

But the company claims the performance is comparable to a 125cc petrol-powered scooter

  • Motor has a rating of 7kW with peak power rated at 11kW.
  • WMTC certified range is 115km.
  • Underseat storage capacity is enough to fit two half-face helmets.

As a future ready initiative, Spanish car maker Seat has taken the wraps off its first electric scooter which is ironically called the e-Scooter concept. Yes, it is still a concept scooter that Seat has made in collaboration with Silence, an electric scooter manufacturer from Barcelona. And the specs revealed so far are decent.

The e-Scooter concept is powered by a 7kW motor which has a max power rating of 11kW. While the company has stated a torque rating of 240Nm, this figure is the torque produced at the wheel. Not very shocking then. What is impressive is the 0-50kmph acceleration timing of 3.8 seconds. The scooter has a top speed of 100kmph and is capable of going 115km on a single charge, according to the WMTC.

The design of the scooter is rather unconventional. It is shouty and in-your-face. The face is like Boba Fett’s helmet, only upside down. In fact the whole theme of the scooter is very Star Wars-ish to our eyes. Thankfully, there is enough underseat space to accommodate two half-face helmets at the very least.

The e-Scooter concept will appear in production form next year as it is supposed to go on sale in 2020. Although Seat is part of the Volkswagen group, it is highly unlikely that we will see this scooter making its way down to our shores anytime soon.

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  • Bhanu
    Bhanu | 7 months ago I love it. Probably cost about 3 lakhs. 0 Reply
    Murali | 7 months ago When will be available in the Chennai market. 1 Reply

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