Okinawa Launches Ridge Electric Scooter At Rs 43,702

The Ridge electric scooter gets the basics right in just one go to take on the scooters of all kind



Okinava Ridge electric scooter



We've all seen a bunch of electric scooters come and go, but none managed to deliver a package that can rival their petrol-powered counterparts. The Ridge aims to change that by addressing three major concerns with its top speed, charging time and an attractive price tag.


The current crop of electric scooters maxes out at either 20-25kmph or 40-45kmph. The Ridge takes the game forward and is capable of reaching a top speed of 55kmph. It should be able to keep up with the city traffic at that speed without huffing or puffing.



Okinava Ridge electric scooter

Charging the electric scooters is another problem as it takes a long time to bring them back to their 100 per cent battery capacity. They either come with cost-effective lead acid batteries, which take ages to charge or pack the expensive lithium-ion tech. The Ridge is powered by lead-acid batteries but takes only 1-2 hour to juice up completely with the optional fast charger. It mechanism uses company's patented technology with a microprocessor to do the trick.


Of course, the competition can go 80-90km on a single charge, but they're priced north of the Rs 50,000 mark. The Ridge costs Rs 43,702 ex-showroom Delhi.



Okinava Ridge electric scooter



Other features of the scooter include a digital instrument console, remote alarm system and multiple riding modes (Eco and Sport). It also gets a pair of telescopic front suspension and dual rear shockers. A small lockable glove box at the front is available for knick-knacks while a large top box with integrated pillion backrest is available as an accessory. Under seat storage is also healthy, but the batteries underneath make it a squarish, which is suitable for boxes but not helmets.


Low upfront cost, optional fast charging, acceptable range and negligible running cost of just 20 paise per kilometre make it a viable option for short city rides.

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