Ather 450 And 340: What’s The Difference?

We point out the key differences between the two cutting edge electric scooters from Bengaluru-based Ather Energy

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Ather Energy has just launched two of the most technologically advanced electric scooters in the market: the 340 and the higher-spec 450. While both scooters are hard to differentiate thanks to their similar bodywork, underpinnings and features, the 450 costs Rs 15,000 more. So what exactly are you paying extra over the 340?

Visual difference:

Hard pressed to find any visual difference between the 340 and 450? We couldn’t either. Ather says there is one visual difference between the two: The 450 gets green rim tape on both wheels.

More power and range:

The interesting bit here is that both the 340 and the 450 share the same BLDC electric motor. While developing the 340, Ather engineers realised they can eke out more sustained power by modifying the motor electronics, and that's how the 450 was born. The 340 makes 2.8Kw of sustained power (4Kw peak power) and 20Nm of torque. The 450 meanwhile makes 3.3Kw of sustained power (5.4Kw peak power) and 20.5Nm of torque. The laws of physics dictate that more power consumes more energy, and Ather, not wanting to limit range on the 450, have given it a larger lithium-ion battery pack. The 450’s battery pack has a capacity of 2.4KWh compared to 1.92KWh for the 340. This allows the 450 to have a true range of 75km in Eco and 60km in regular mode, while the ARAI-certified range is 107km under ideal test conditions (Indian Driving Cycle). The 340 meanwhile manages a true range of 60km in Eco and 50km in regular, with ARAI certifying it for 86km. So with the 450, you get more power and more range.


Both weigh the same so more performance from the 450 is a given. A claimed 0-40kmph acceleration time of 3.9 seconds makes the 450 one of the quickest scooters around. The 340 is slightly slower, doing the same run in 5.1 seconds. While the 450 tops out at 80kmph (true speed), the 340 manages a top speed of 70kmph. A more powerful motor also gives the 450 the ability of going up slopes as steep as 18 degrees while the S340 has a gradability of 15 degrees.

Extra goodies:

The 340 retails at Rs 1,09,750 (on-road). For that price you get a charging cable as well as a one year subscription that takes care of all your service and maintenance costs, replacement of regular wearing parts like brake pads, data service costs for the inbuilt GSM, roadside assistance and even the electricity required to charge your scooter for a year. So basically you pay nothing to run your scooter for a year!
At Rs 1.25.750 (on-road) the 450 bundles in all those goodies and also includes a charging “Point” installed at your home by Ather engineers for free.

So there you have it - two highly capable scooters that cost nothing to run (for a year). Of the two, we’d pick the 450.

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