All-new Honda Civic vs Rivals: Spec Comparison

While we await the first drive reports of the all-new Civic, we do have all the data to compare it with its main rivals

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 Civic vs competition

Update: The Honda Civic has been launched, priced from Rs 17.70 lakh to Rs 22.30 lakh, ex-showroom pan-India.

The Honda Civic makes a comeback in the Indian market after a five-year hiatus. Does it have what it takes to take a very competitive segment by storm? The Civic will be back fighting against familiar names like the Toyota Corolla Altis, the Skoda Octavia and the Hyundai Elantra. Here’s how they compare, on paper.


Honda Civic

Skoda Octavia Hyundai Elantra
Toyota Corolla Altis
Rs 17.70 lakh to Rs 22.30 lakh Rs 15.99 lakh - Rs 25.99 lakh Rs 13.81 lakh - Rs 20.04 lakh
Rs 16.45 lakh - Rs 20.19 lakh

*all prices ex-showroom Delhi

The Honda Civic is priced compettitvely, even though it's being assembled here from CKD kits rather than being manufactured from the ground up. Does it justify its price? Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.


Honda Civic:

Civic vs Competition

Hits - All-LED headlamps, 7-inch colour MID, remote engine start (for cooling the car down on a hot day, presumably), lane-watch camera, multi-angle rearview camera, pedestrian safe pop-up hood (diesel only).
Segment standards - 8-way electrically adjustable driver seat, dual-zone automatic climate control, sunroof, six airbags, 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

Skoda Octavia:

Civic vs Competition

Hits - digital instrument cluster, eight airbags, traction control, tyre pressure monitoring system, front and rear parking sensors, panoramic sunroof, 12-way electrically adjustable driver and passenger seats, 10-speaker surround sound system.
Segment standards - 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, dual-zone climate control.

Hyundai Elantra:

Civic vs Competition

Hits - wireless phone charging, traction control.
Segment standards - Six airbags, 10-way electrically adjustable driver seat, dual-zone climate control.

Toyota Corolla Altis:

Civic vs Competition

Hits - Paddle shifters, vehicle stability control.
Segment standards - seven airbags, 10-way electrically adjustable driver seat, rear parking sensors and rear camera, fully automatic air conditioning and six speakers.

On the face of it, the Civic does not seem to have a huge advantage over the competition in terms of features on offer. Maybe the quality would be enough to justify the expected premium pricing, but, we will have to wait and see.


  Honda Civic Skoda Octavia Hyundai Elantra
Toyota Corolla Altis
Length 4656mm 4670mm 4570mm 4620mm
Width 1799mm 1814mm 1800mm 1775mm
Height 1433mm 1476mm 1465mm 1475mm
Wheelbase 2700mm 2688mm 2700mm 2700mm
Boot Space 430 litres 590 litres 420 litres 470 litres

The Skoda Octavia has the biggest exterior dimensions of all the cars here - be it in terms of overall length, width or height. It also has the biggest boot in this comparison.

But the Civic, along with the Elantra and the Altis, has a slightly longer wheelbase. Considering how adept Honda has been in the past, packaging its cars to make the most of the space available, we can expect the Civic to be spacious on the inside for four to five occupants.

Civic vs Competition

If it wants to impress the rear-seat passengers, it will have tough competition from the Corolla Altis which won the rear seat battle in our real-world comparison test. Read the real-world review here.

Diesel Powertrain

  Honda Civic Skoda Octavia Hyundai Elantra
Toyota Corolla Altis
Displacement 1.6-litres 2.0-litre 1.6-litre 1.4-litre
Max Power 120PS 143PS 128PS 88PS
Peak Torque 300Nm 320Nm 260Nm 205Nm
Transmission 6-speed MT 6-speed MT/6-speed AT (DSG) 6-speed MT/6-speed AT 6-speed MT
Fuel Efficiency 26.8kmpl 21/19.5kmpl 22.54kmpl 21.43kmpl

Yes, the all-new Honda Civic will be offered with a diesel engine, even though the demand for diesel-powered cars is expected to drop significantly in 2020.

Civic vs Competition

While the on-paper performance figures are respectable (the Skoda Octavia takes the crown here), it is the claimed fuel-efficiency figure which has us rubbing our eyes. The claimed efficiency number of the Civic is almost 20 per cent more than the second most efficient car here (which is the Elantra, BTW).

Honda may face some flak from buyers for not offering an automatic transmission with what, on paper at least, seems to be a very efficient motor.

Petrol Powertrain

  Honda Civic Skoda Octavia Hyundai Elantra
Toyota Corolla Altis
Displacement 1.8-litres 1.4-litre/1.8-litre 2.0-litre 1.8-litre
Max Power 141PS 150PS/180PS 152PS 140PS
Peak Torque 174Nm 250Nm/250Nm 192Nm 173Nm
Transmission CVT 6-speed MT/ 7-speed AT (DSG) 6-speedMT/6-speed AT
6-speed MT/ CVT
Fuel Efficiency 16.5kmpl 16.7/15.1kmpl 14.62kmpl 14.28kmpl

It is a similar story if you compare the petrol-powered variants of the cars here. The Civic is not too hot in terms of performance - in fact, it is just 1PS/1Nm short of being the least powerful/torquey car here!

Civic vs Competition

Honda has done just the opposite for the petrol variant(s), pairing it exclusively with a CVT automatic unit. This variant is more efficient than other automatic petrol cars in the segment, but it looks like a manual variant may have been even more efficient than the segment leader, Skoda Octavia.

Which of these cars would you choose if you were in the market for a sub-Rs 30 lakh sedan? Let us know in the comments below.

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