Nissan’s Stand At The Japan Mobility Show 2023: Coolest Of Them All?

  • Oct 31, 2023
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Nissan’s display focussed more towards fitting the car into the lifestyle of the occupants, ranging from active people to content creators to eco-conscious people

Concept cars are mostly rather cool with zany and unconventional designs and details, but Nissan’s showcase at the Japan mobility show upped the ante on the coolness front by a few notches. And it's not just the concepts but also the Hyper theme that the carmaker has opted for this year’s display, which caters to different audiences. So without further ado, here’s what the Japanese carmaker had on display at the show:

Nissan Hyper Force

The inspiration behind what is Nissan’s ultimate hyper electric sports car to date, is ratchet evident. Godzilla is being summoned as an electric concept, which promises unprecedented acceleration from a nearly 1360PS electric motor. It has all the right credentials for a high-performance car - light weight body made up of carbon, all-solid-state battery, and high downforce thanks to active aero and a sculpted body. 

And when it isn’t being pushed to the brink of its limits, the driver can enjoy both augmented and virtual reality, enabling the driver to drive in both real and virtual (gaming) worlds. It even features autonomous driving, which can be used on both public roads as well as on the track.

Nissan Hyper Urban

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This Nissan Hyper Urban is a crossover EV concept aimed at what Nissan calls ‘active’ people. It's an urban-oriented concept that prioritises sustainability to such an extent that it also applies to the vehicles’ lifespan. Through hardware updates and regular software updates, people conscious about the long-term value of the car. 

It gets a vehicle-to-house (V2H) function to power your house and is even capable of contributing surplus power to the community grid. The design is futuristic, but can also change chromatic expressions depending on the angle of view. The cabin features sofa-like seats integrated within a spacious cabin and is designed to blend ‘with urban living spaces’ according to Nissan. Irrespective, looks like a comfy place to be from the images.

Nissan Hyper Adventure

As the name suggests, this concept is an electric SUV, made for adventurous people that like to take the “road not taken”. Its motto is literally to accommodate the wanderlust person’s diverse travel needs. For that, it gets a large-capacity battery, which also features vehicle-to-everything (V2X) tech. This turns it into a portable power bank for all your gadgets.

There’s all-wheel drive to make sure there’s no hurdle between you and your destination, and even the interior has been designed keeping space (both cargo and otherwise) and comfort as priorities. 

Nissan Hyper Tourer Concept

Is Nissan looking to birth a new segment with this Hyper Tourer concept moniker? We aren’t sure. But what we can say is that if there ever was a hyper-MPV, it would have to be this. Nissan is marketing this towards people who are family and friends oriented, and like to travel together. The press release repeatedly mentions ‘focuses on nurturing and reinforcing the bond between people as they journey together’, and that’s what this is about. 

It gets a spacious interior (of course), with front seats that can rotate 360-degrees, allowing the front passenger to be face to face with the rear ones. It also gets an AI system that can monitor your life signs and automatically select music and adjust lighting according to your body.

On the tech front, it gets V2X tech, a high capacity battery for long range, and autonomous driving technology. It's essentially an opulent drawing room that can also think for you, on four wheels.

Nissan Hyper Punk

Nissan Hyper Punk is a concept that looks befitting for the world of cyberpunk. Idiosyncratic wheels, sharp cuts and creases defining the contours, and butterfly doors are the design highlights of this futuristic concept. The carmaker says the target audience for this vehicle are content creators and artists, who will be treated to an immersive experience through AI that analyses the driver's mood and stimulates user desire to create content. 

The interior is inspired by Japanese traditions and involves the usage of Japanese paper and origami as design motifs. It gets onboard cameras that project manga-style graphics of scenery around the car onto the 3-screen display arranged around the driver in the cockpit. This concept is as futuristic as it sounds.

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That was it from Nissan at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show. We’ve also covered what other brands had to showcase, including the Lexus stand and Honda stand as well. More relatable to home, the show also offered a stage for the global debut of the Maruti Suzuki Swift concept, which will inspire the next generation of the popular hatchback. 

What do you think of Nissan’s showcase and which one of these concepts impressed you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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