• Q. XUV500 W7 or W9 which one to buy , is sunroof and alloy experience worth for difference of INR 2L

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    Siddharth | 3 months ago

    Just another perspective. most of the features of W9 can be installed in W7 by asking the service Center guys to install those as additional accessories or as spare parts and it would be well under 2 L difference. The only option that you are unlikely to get is the Sunroof. I feel that it's not important enough here in India. So it's your choice on how you want to spend your money. Looks can be made to match with that of W11 as well by buying parts from M2All.

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    Mahindra | 1 year ago

    Infact Sunroof these days is a social status The electrically operated stylish sunroof adds to the luxury and exclusivity of the XUV5OO. Alloy wheels adds to superior look or the vehicle.W9 variant.Also thats not all additional features you get in W9 is Voice messaging system, Power folding ORVM, Express down mirrors, Telescopic window and many more

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    Movidi | 1 year ago

    If u have kids or nature lover in your family I'll suggest you to go with w9 (Sunroof). And those alloy wheels can change your total look of the car. If u have tight budget u can go with W7 or else w9. And personal I'll suggest u to go with Automatic varients because XUV'S manual gear has some hard shifts.

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    Nikhil | 1 year ago

    Hi, It totally depends on your needs. If you feel it's worth your money to buy a car with Sunroof and Alloy then please go ahead. Also, 2L is a little too much in my perspective to spend on features like the sunroof and Alloy wheels.

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    Abhinav | 3 months ago

    Go for W7 don't waste your money you can install this feature additional e also.. costing less than 2 lakh but in the end it's your choice

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    Nikhil | 9 months ago

    W9 offers Alloy wheels, sunroof, hill assist features that don't come in W7. If you are ready to pay that extra for these features then go ahead. Although, engine and other specs won't change from W7 to W9

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    SNEAKERHEAD | 2 weeks ago

    Matter of personal choice , my model is w6 2nd gen xuv500 . Got the aftermarket alloys , looks like a beast

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    Akash | 1 week ago

    If you are in sunroof and all then go with w9 otherwise w7 is good choice

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    DrManohar | 3 days ago

    If you are living in Rajasthan than sunroof is of no use

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    Rahul | 1 year ago

    Thanks @Nikhil & @Vivek actually it will be my first SUV kind vehicle , my reservation is for value for Money hence confused on W7 or W9.

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