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  • Q. The E and V variants have 175/64 R14 tyres where as V and VX variants have 175/65 R15, so does they differ in ground clearance or have different suspension tunes - Amaze?
    Anas | 5 months ago

    There's no change in GC. But there's an difference between petrol and diesel variant's GC. Petrol 172mm vs Diesel 170mm

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  • Q. I have Honda Amaze in mind but often get confused on which one to select by comparing with Ford Aspire and Maruti Dzire. I travel around 500 km every month. Usually take the car once or twice a week. I want trouble free, maintenance free performance. I plan once in 6 months, long journey of around 500 km. This will be my only life time sedan car. Additional requirements are rear view parking screen, adjustable rear view mirror, adjustable driver seat for height & space, cell phone connection for screen, tubeless tyres, pocket space on all 4 doors for magazines & cups.additional cup holders at middle and carry bags on the back of front seats etc.
    Tapan | 10 months ago

    Frankly speaking no machine is made which will serve as per a human life. For longer use Honda Engines are famous and you can use it even upto 200000 kms in case you maintain periodic service with service standard. As per your Run You may buy top version of petrol model of Amaze which will give all requisite features. In case you can compromise with few non essential features, you may go for lower version. Amaze Petrol engine will give almost zero sound in the cabin. This will help you not making tired in long journey. As a user this is my suggestion. Rest up to you. Regards

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  • Q. Respected Sir , Buying the new Honda Amaze petrol. Pl let me know if I can go one size up than original tyres, if yes what it should be & will be okay in warranty period?
    Kumar | 1 year ago

    Ideally, you should not do that. Original tyres are fitted after a lot of calibration and make sense for the dynamics of the car. Changing them is not a good bet until and unless it is absolutely required. Go for the V or VX trim of Amaze which has the larger 15" alloy wheels. Change of tires, however, doesn't lead to the cancellation of warranty.

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  • Q. Hi, What is the ground clearance for new amaze?
    Sandeep | 4 months ago

    Don't know but its better than old one

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  • Q. What is the mileage, ground clearance and length - Amaze?
    Zigwheels | 9 months ago

    The claimed ARAI mileage of Honda Amaze Manual Transmission is 27.4 km/l for diesel and 19.5 km/l for Petrol variants. The claimed ARAI mileage of the Honda Amaze automatic variants is 23.8 km/l for Diesel and 19.0 km/l for the Petrol variant. The Honda Amaze is available with ground clearance (Unladen) of 170mm and a length of 3995mm.

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  • Q. I got to know that there is a lot of manufacturing issues like reverse, pickup, acceleration and steering with Amaze 2018. Is it correct? How is your experience with this vehicle? I'm planning to buy Amaze petrol CVT. Please suggest.
    KANNA | 7 months ago

    Ride-comfort is premium level. CVT is making driving a pleasure.. space for such segment is really good.. both city and long drives will make you feel good... very low maintenance cost even competitive one... milage honestly on hard city drives 12 to 13 kms per litre consistently.. its a real sedan feel to have this car... if your budget is 8.5 to 9.5, its best choice... And if any shortage is insisted to be expressed... hmmmm... we can say, when overtaking another vehicles unexpectedly, the immediate surge in power of engine won't be that much as of a gear car.... but it can be compromised in favour of all other good factors...

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    Honda Amaze Dimension & Space FAQs

    Q. What is the ground clearance of Honda Amaze?
    A. The ground clearance (Unladen) of Honda Amaze is 170mm.
    Q. What is the seating capacity of Honda Amaze?
    A. The seating capacity of Honda Amaze is 5.
    Q. What is the boot space of Honda Amaze?
    A. The boot space of Honda Amaze is 420-litres.
    Q. What is the fuel tank capacity of Honda Amaze?
    A. The fuel tank capacity of Honda Amaze is 35 Liters.
    Q. What is the dimensions of Honda Amaze?
    A. The exterior dimension (length*width*height) of Honda Amaze is 3995*1695*1498 mm3.
    Q. What is the length of Honda Amaze?
    A. The length of Honda Amaze is 3995 mm.
    Q. What is the width of Honda Amaze?
    A. The width of Honda Amaze is 1695 mm.
    Q. What is the wheel size of Honda Amaze?
    A. The wheels size of Honda Amaze is 14 Inch.
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