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Maruti S-Presso
Maruti S-Presso
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  • Q. What is the top speed of this S-Presso and differentiate the VXi opt and plus versions.
    Zigwheels | 9 months ago

    The claimed top speed of S Presso is 140 Kmph. Comparing the two variants VXI Opt and VXI Plus, here you may find the difference on the basis of available features. For the detailed comparison, follow the below link - Compare.

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  • Q. What is FWD? Is Maruti Suzuki S-Presso 4x4?
    Zigwheels | 5 months ago

    FWD means that the power from the engine is delivered to the front wheels of your vehicle. With FWD, the front wheels are pulling the car and The rear wheels don't receive any power on their own. Moreover, Maruti S-Presso is a FWD car.

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  • Q. Can I change and use 165/70 / R13 tires using original Rims - S Presso?
    Zigwheels | 2 months ago

    Maruti S-Presso is available with 145/80 R13, 145/80 R14 and 165/70 R14 tyres in different variants. As you want to use 165/70 R13, we would suggest you to exchange your words with the nearest authorised service center as compatibility my tyres with wheels vary as per the variants. Check out authorised dealership details.

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    More Frequently Asked Questions About Maruti S-Presso

    Maruti S-Presso Engine FAQs

    Q. Is Maruti S-Presso available in automatic transmission?
    A. Yes. Maruti S-Presso available in automatic variants
    Q. Is Maruti S-Presso available in petrol version?
    A. Yes. Maruti S-Presso available in petrol engine option.
    Q. Is Maruti S-Presso available in diesel version?
    A. No. Currently there is no diesel engine option available on Maruti S-Presso.
    Q. What is the engine power of Maruti S-Presso petrol version?
    A. The engine power of Maruti S-Presso petrol version is 67bhp@5500rpm.
    Q. What is torque of Maruti S-Presso?
    A. The torque of Maruti S-Presso is 90nm@3500rpm.
    Q. How many cylinders does Maruti S-Presso has?
    A. Maruti S-Presso comes with 3 cylinders.
    Q. How many gears available in Maruti S-Presso?
    A. There are 5-Speed gears available in Maruti S-Presso.
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