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  • Q. How smooth is the AMT version transmission - Tiago?
    Zigwheels | 1 week ago

    Fire up the engine and you realise that there is a considerable amount of vibration emanating from the 3-cylinder motor at idle. It is not bone-rattling but it can get irritating if you are sat idling in the car for a long time, as can be the case in stop-go city traffic. But, as you get going the engine smoothes out. The overall nature of the engine and gearbox is a bit laid back, with the gearbox preferring to upshift as quickly as possible in the interest of fuel economy. Being an AMT, the gearshifts aren’t fast, but thankfully the Tiago balances it with smoothness. There is minimal head-nod motion during each gear shift, something that AMT-equipped cars are notorious for. The Tiago's gearbox is quite restless, in the 'Eco' or 'City' driving modes it constantly tries to adapt to every pedal input or change in inclination. Learning to control the gearshifts just by modulating the accelerator isn’t as easy as on other automatics. It may upshift as soon as 3000rpm or decide to hold the revs till 4000rpm when it senses a bit of urgency from your right foot. Downshifts may consist of going down one gear, or even two at times - but there is no predicting when it may happen. The best way to use it in the auto mode is to adapt to the gearbox’s nature and take things easy. Pressing the ‘Sports’ button, placed at the bottom of the gearshift console, guarantees that the transmission will shift up only after the engine reaches the 6000rpm redline. If you want almost total control over the gearshifts, you can slot the gear lever into manual mode and push up to upshift or pull down to downshift. Do take a test drive for better clarity. Check out authorised dealership details.

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  • Q. Are there any mileage difference between the Tiago manual and the AMT?
    Zigwheels | 1 day ago

    Both the manual and the automatic petrol variants offer a mileage of 23.84 km/l. In order to improve the mileage, we would suggest you drive slower. Driving fast can reduce your fuel efficiency by up to 33% if you are travelling above 60 mph. It is best to change gears appropriately and match the gear and the RPM carefully.

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  • Q. What is the difference between Tiago XZA AMT and XZA AMT Plus?
    Zigwheels | 3 weeks ago

    Over Tiago XZA AMT, Tiago XZA Plus AMT gets 1 inch bigger tyre(175/60 R15) and Alloy Wheels.

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    Tata Tiago Engine FAQs

    Q. Is Tata Tiago available in petrol version?
    A. Yes. Tata Tiago available in petrol engine option.
    Q. Is Tata Tiago available in diesel version?
    A. No. Currently there is no diesel engine option available on Tata Tiago.
    Q. What is the engine power of Tata Tiago petrol version?
    A. The engine power of Tata Tiago petrol version is 84.48bhp@6000rpm.
    Q. What is torque of Tata Tiago?
    A. The torque of Tata Tiago is 113Nm@3300rpm.
    Q. How many cylinders does Tata Tiago has?
    A. Tata Tiago comes with 3 cylinders.
    Q. How many gears available in Tata Tiago?
    A. There are 5 Speed gears available in Tata Tiago.
    Q. What is the kerb weight of Tata Tiago?
    A. The kerb weight of Tata Tiago is 935-982kg.
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