• Q. I have booked Honda City diesel. But many of them suggesting to move petrol. I want advise. I drive more distance per week approx 200-300kms.

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    Nabil | 4 weeks ago

    Hi I'm a Honda city petrol user . Honda is famous and best in producing one of the best petrol engines in the world. if ur looking for diesal then best option for u is Toyota coz they have best diesal engines.my advice is Don't go for hondaz diesal engines coz I have test driven it ,Honda petrol engine is very smooth powerful.I'm using 2001 model Honda city petrol which is still running smooth nd gives great milage low cost maintaince also it's so smooth nd comfortable to drive. it's been 18 yers nd if Honda gave me an engine which is so good 18 yers back I wonder how advance nd perfect would the new Honda city would be.also I'm a great fan of Honda only for it's incredible petrol engines.also I test drove both Honda city petrol and desialI didn't like the diesal engine of Honda.but the new petrol engine has no words it's out of the world man.I'm also a fan of Toyotas diesal enginesgo for Toyota if ur looking for diesalcoz Toyota has the best diesal engine with low cost maintaince and one of my friend who owns an airport taxi old etios sedan 460000/-km run still in very good condition nd engine is smooth as new.

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    Walter | 1 week ago

    Honda has been known for its Petrol version cars. but nevertheless Honda Diesel is also not a bad engine. if your travel is 200-300 kms in a week then Diesel is the best option for you as it will prove cost effective. Honda Automatic has been built to give better mileage than the Manual counterparts. I own a Honda City Automatic. In city it gives me around 10-12kms with AC ON all the time. on highways it gives me around 14-16kms despite of me paddling it hard and with speeds of 90-120 kms on highways. Keep your car serviced on time and it will give its best outcome.

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    Conductor | 1 month ago

    Dear , diesel version will perfect for u as u travel more then 200 km per day . Its mileage is 25 + in diesel and seat are more comfortable as compared to Verna baleno and ciaz , it's my personal experience , and it's all myths about maintenance of Honda City that its maintenance is costly and one main important thing is u will not tired in Honda City for continued driving up to 200 to 400 km per day . Bcs it's very comfortable

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    Ayshwerram | 2 weeks ago

    I drive 80-90 kms a day. Mine is petron Automatic i get around 12 approx. my other car is jazz diesel manual(same engine) and it gives me around 18. If you don't mind spending few bucks extra for comfort go for Automatic it is easily the best in the market.weird fact sport mode manual gives better mileage

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    Steve | 1 week ago

    Since the car returns a mileage of 14-15 in normal driving conditions, it won't be much of an issue. I myself cover a distance of 300+kms weekly, and am not facing much of an issue. Honda's petrol engines are butter smooth and super reliable. So my suggestion is that you should go for the petrol.

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    Pawan | 3 weeks ago

    If you drive more then can go for diesel it gives around 18- 20kmpl in my city chandigarh and petrol gives me 14-16 with AC running at 24 degrees and highway petrol is 19-20 kmpl with AC is 24 degrees its upto u to choose and service cost of petrol which shocked me in 4th service was 3600

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    Kinan | 2 months ago

    It's obvious that diesel cars generate a lot of toxic gases and stuff..BTW if u travel in the city for 200-300 km I would suggest you to go for diesel and if it highway that you travel petrol cars are as affective as diesel cars while compared to mileage on the highway.

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    Kumar | 2 months ago

    Petrol honda city is smoother and comfortable to drive, with less engine noise. Coastwise both petrol and diesel will almost be similar as you would spend more at the diesel vehicle cost and the fuel type difference is hardly 4 rupees.

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    Arulanandan | 1 month ago

    Since India is moving towards BS6, it is better to go for petrol rather than diesel. Since you say you travel a lot, Maintenance of petrol is cheaper than the diesel engine option

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    Hrishikesh | 2 months ago

    According to your drive I think you should go for the diesel engine because you need more mileage. Petrol is for people who's drive in not as much as yours.

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