• Q. Hello, Planning to buy Ameo Highline Plus DSG Automatic. Kindly give me reviews as well as on-road price and in which Year. It will help me a lot to bargain also.

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    Ankur | 1 year ago

    On road price depends on where you live or wherever you are buying the vehicle from.I got mine in December 2017. Mine is Petrol Highline +; You will get DSG gearbox in AMEO only in diesel variant. To drive it is a fantastic car (In it's price range it is one of the best).Thanks to the DSG dear box the gear shifts are just like sportscars with minimum power drop and microseconds gap between gear shifts.Straight line high speed Stability, Handling, Cornering Stability, effectiveness of the Brakes (With ABS) if wonderful.Surprisingly the maintenance cost is not high or exorbitant like people usually complaint about VW or Skoda cars. The service costs are higher than maruti or hyundai but the service intervals are longer. So that balances out the overall cost of services in 2-3 years time. The only place where you might end up spending a lot is in times of damages where you are unable to get the insurance claims. Because the replacement cost of all the outer body parts are much higher than in marutis or hyundai cars.Typical annual service cost comes around 8000 rs. and if you maintain the hygiene of the car, you won't have to pay anything other than the basic service costs. I owned a Polo before this car and personal experience is till 50000 kms I only had 3 paid services and only other parts replaced were the brake pads and tyres at around 30,000 kms.For bargain purposes, you always have some or the other offer going on in VW so just be alert about those. I got Rs. 30,000 discount when I purchased mine.

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    Reuben | 9 months ago

    Depends on which state you live in in Pune is is 11 Lacs approx

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Frequently Asked Questions about Volkswagen Ameo

Q. What is the mileage of Volkswagen Ameo?
A. The mileage of Volkswagen Ameo ranges from 19.44 kmpl to 21.66 kmpl. The claimed ARAI mileage of Ameo Petrol Manual is 19.44 kmpl and for the Ameo Diesel Manual is 21.66 kmpl.
Q. What is the ground clearance of Volkswagen Ameo?
A. The ground clearance (Unladen) of Volkswagen Ameo is 163mm.
Q. How many gears available in Volkswagen Ameo?
A. There are 5 Speed gears available in Volkswagen Ameo.
Q. What is the seating capacity of Volkswagen Ameo?
A. The seating capacity of Volkswagen Ameo is 5.
Q. What type of airbags available in Volkswagen Ameo?
A. There are Driver and Passenger airbags available in the top model of Volkswagen Ameo.
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