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  • Q. Which bike is better for long ride between NS200 and 220 F?
    Mehul | 2 years ago

    Ns200for high speed long distance riding it's perimeter frame provides extremely smooth feel

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  • Q. Is there any major problem in this Pulsar 220 F?
    Amyra | 4 months ago

    The major drawback i have faced over the years is during rains water tends to get in the petrol tank, which in turn gets very problematic. The seats are not very comfy, if you intend to drive for longer duration. Till the time the company fitted brakes are working its a charm. Problem starts creeping in when you need to change the brake pad. It would never be the same and dsnt perform the same way.

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  • Q. If I buy the pulsar 220F new model then what will be the maintenance cost for it ? And what about the vibration of this bike?
    Mr | 2 years ago

    Maintenance of cost is normal as older version. Budget friendly, but you have to note that if something or some part is broken or corrupted then you have to change. According to the parts, the maintenance costs will increase. Vibration is normal. More than 100 kmph speed then only you will find more vibration on pillion seat, pads and mirrors. In new vibration on bike is normal because of newly used, if bike become old and old vibration is gone day by day.

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    Bajaj Pulsar 220 F
    Bajaj Pulsar 220 F
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    • 3.8

      Pros: * driving experience is good but not extraordinary and comfort levels are decent.* the best thing i observed in my bs6 2020 model is looks.Looks of the bike is awesome, You would not feel jealous even any other super bike is beside the 220, Because it has legendary looks.Cons: * i am a 220 lover since my childhood, So finally i purchased it in this year but i am not fully satisfied, I don't know whether i get defective one or not, Because of the following reasons i am not fully satisfied.1.When i bought my bike first day i observed the front brake shuddering, And rear brake not effective.2.Engine is over heating even for short distances, And i thought it would be cleared once the first servicing gets done, But even though after first servicing heating is still persist.3.Light is not effective at night times and high beam is also not much useful because it falls at very high level to the road.4.Tyre's are slipping even for small stones and road ups.My riding experience and suggestions: * 220 is always a legendary bike even what ever the cons it has.* it gives decent mileage even it is a 220 cc segment.* i love the pickup and sound of this beast at high rev ups.* if it comes with 6 gear transmission and dual channel abs, And 130/140mm rear tyre, And with led lights, It would be the best bike in the 220cc segment.Thank you, Seshu kolapalli from hyderabad.

    • 4.2

      I owned Pulsar 220f on 2012 Jan, starting when I bought it gives me 37 kmpl after 1st service mileage increased to 44kmpl, and after 4th Service it gives me 48kmpl in city and 56kmpl in the highway which was calculated mark. There is very minimum maintenance cost as you don"t need coolant, very reasonable parts (brake pads, brake fluid oil, etc).Braking of this bike is not good I can say as compared to R15V2 R15V3, I feel the initial loss of braking bite especially on rear brakes, I"m very disappointed with my rear brake even I tried to fix by Bajaj Service dealer and also Outside local garage but no improvements as I"m expecting.Performance of the bike is best in its class, but after 9000RPM line engine get strains to get higher speed once I clocked 132kmph and still RPM meter left for top speed.I am seeing that Pulsar 220F is holding still in 2019 market with the same craziness among the youngster As I was during 2012.I want to advise To Mr. Rajiv Bajaj (CEO) and their R&D team to improve engine refinement,more bites on braking (focus more on Rear disc brake)should get Lead on Front lights .

    • 4.2

      it has been 2 year's when i bought pulsar 220f and man what a pickup this bike has .. love it literally no other bike in this segment can beat its pick up .. and 0-100 goes in just 5-10 sec .. it looks super sexy with its new engine coul .. but what disappointed me the most is battery after 1 year you have to replace it because the company fitted battery is pathetic and remains for 1 year only and it doesn't have kick so you have to carry it on road by walk and its too heavy.. but mileage is superb around 40-45 kmpl in both city and highway .. and how can forget the most appealing thing of my bike .. Yes you got it right headlamps ,Oh man ! i love it just one word fantastic . Looks super cool and has practical use in night you will never feel dark .. overall i would rate it 4.2 ..

    • 2.6

      Pulsar service centre are not good.They don't do proper service.Every time i do my bike service from service centre, My bike health goes down.After 25000 km last service done from service centre, My bike engine created critical sounds and i noticed that its engine will be open in next service as service centre do it's in previous service so they charge 9 to 12 thousands rupees.I don't recommend any pulsar bike should be buying.There service is not good after sales and they don't do proper service.I tried 3 to 4 service centre and all are same, Not doing proper service.So if you are also wants to expanse more money in bike service then purchase pulsar bike otherwise go for another brand.

    • 4.2

      Oh my Pulsar 220 purchased 2009, I like this bike, used it for almost decade, after 70/75k kilometres engine asked for a bore change, once or twice clutch plates were changed 3 set's of tyres for sure, wiring issue after 5/6 year's it's fine after service, most reliable bike I used so far. final verdict go for it if you're looking for decade old styles but reliable engine, but can't say when production will stop, BAJAJ vehicles are reliable I can say for sure. I won TVS Apache 150 first generation it's a shity self start motor, Honda Activa 1st generation I never liked active so many guy's loves the style of it to me it gives back pain to ride for just 20 kilometres.

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