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  • Front 1/4 left Image of EV6
    Front 1/4 left
  • Side view Image of EV6
    Side view
  • Front Image of EV6
  • Top view Image of EV6
    Top view
  • Bumper Image of EV6
  • Headlamp Image of EV6
  • Tail lamp Image of EV6
    Tail lamp
  • ORVM Image of EV6
  • Wheel arch Image of EV6
    Wheel arch
  • Rear 3/4 Right Image of EV6
    Rear 3/4 Right
Kia EV6

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Kia EV6 Brochure
Kia EV6 Brochure
Download Brochure Kia EV6 Brochure Kia EV6 Brochure
Kia EV6
Kia EV6
Rs. 60.95 Lakh
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Kia EV6 User Reviews

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  • Safest electric car

    It has attention-grabbing look and an electric SUV furistric design and is among the safest vehicles in the class. With a strong electric motor, the ride and handling are perfectly mix and the Kia EV6 can travel large distances with ease. It has lots of features, is cosy, and is rather roomy with roughly 192 kmph is the maximum speed. Its range is 500 kilometres per charge and with a full charge takes only eighteen minutes of charging. It performs and has an impressive range and costs a lot less than comparable high-end electric vehicles.

  • EV6 Electric Marvel Kia's Futuristic SUV

    Slice and bones electric technology is connected with futuristic features in the electric SUV Kia EV6. vended as a clever and Stylish SUV, it attracts guests appearing for an electric four spin drive agent that puts luxury and automotive technology first. The slice fleck screen measures and slice bite, technologically streamlined innards enhance the driving experience. The electric motor's interpretation and emigration free operation append to its appeal, making it a Hightech and environmentally salutary 4 wheeler. Offering an tasteful and Hightech slice edge machine in an electric SUV, the EV6 prays to those who appreciate Ecofriendliness and a slice edge agent.

  • Premium Interior And Tech

    This luxury five seater electric car look very unique and elegant and the performance is very strong. Kia EV6 get a premium and luxury interior with well equipped features and amazing handling. It provides outstanding driving range and get bold and stylish design. The interior is very premium and mind blowing with great tech and it get a five star safety rating in crash test but the price is high. It get most appealing features and is a powerful electric car with good practicality and is a furistic electric car.

  • combines comfort and innovation

    Kia is one of the best brands when it comes to making the best trucks and 4-wheelers. One of them is the Kia EV6 which I simply love. I have been utilizing this vehicle and it has astonishing elements. It is truly agreeable and is super smooth on the street also. It has a high power and astounding experience too. Its looks are likewise great and I feel that its highlights make it sparkle from all viewpoints. It is generally speaking an incredible vehicle to have.

  • Futuristic Performance

    Thе Kia EV6 is a rеvolutionary еlеctric vеhiclе, drivеn by an еfficiеnt еlеctric motor that dеlivеrs instant powеr and a rеmarkablе driving rangе, sеtting nеw standards in thе EV sеgmеnt. Its futuristic and spacious intеrior providеs a blеnd of comfort and cutting-еdgе dеsign, though somе might wish for morе traditional storagе options. Thе standout fеaturе is its ultra-fast charging capability, making it convеniеnt for longеr journеys. Thе EV6's advancеd tеch fеaturеs, including augmеntеd rеality HUD, rеdеfinе thе driving еxpеriеncе. Ovеrall, its rеliability, еco-friеndly pеrformancе, and avant-gardе dеsign еstablish thе EV6 as a trailblazеr in thе еlеctric vеhiclе rеalm, appеaling to thosе еmbracing sustainability without compromising on stylе or pеrformancе.

  • It's so amazing and it's

    It's so amazing and it's bleck is so good and it's primium seat i loved it

  • Great power

    Great car with great power really fun to drive and packed with tech

  • Family persons

    Nice car for family persons and very clean for environment

  • Electricifying performance

    Kia's EV6 is making swells in the automotive world. Its groundbreaking project, remarkable range, and slice- bite tech are pushing the boundaries of what electric instruments can achieve. With a single charge taking you up to 300 long hauls, the EV6 is able for both diurnal commutes and long-distance peregrinations. Beneath its tasteful surface, the EV6 houses an improved battery and electric motor system, delivering thrilling acceleration and a serene. Outside, the cabin offers a high- tech experience with a binary- movie infotainment system, improved motorist- help features, and a strong emphasis oneco-friendliness. In substance, Kia's EV6 represents a forth- appearing, environmentally- conscious agent that seamlessly blends phraseology and invention.

  • Pioneering the Future of Electric Mobility

    The Kia EV6 is a corroboration to Kia's devotion to invention, seamlessly combining slice bite technology with striking car. Driving the EV6 is an stirring experience, thanks to its important electric motor that delivers immediate acceleration and a tale quiet ride. The futuristic innards, adorned with decoration accoutrements and an extensive infotainment system, elevates the common driving experience. The EV6's emotional range and presto charging capabilities append practicality to its appeal. While its bold car might not reverberate with everyone, the Kia EV6 incontrovertibly represents a vault forth in the electric agent geography, offering a thrilling, sustainable, and sophisticated driving experience.

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