TVS Apache RR 310: Long Term Fleet Introduction Report

TVS’s flagship motorcycle enters the ZigWheels fleet. Does its sporty ambition overshadow its usability in daily commuting?

Acquired month: April 2018
Acquired km: 2,225km

Torquey motor
Comprehensive instrument console
Pillion friendly ride

Mid-range vibrations
Front brakes lack bite

Fuel efficiency: Yet to find out

TVS Apache RR 310

The first time we rode the TVS Apache RR 310 was on a racetrack, where it impressed with its dynamics and performance (Read the review here). Next, we did a comprehensive review of how the bike felt in the city and on the highway, where it would be used most of the time (Read road test review here). Now we have the RR 310 with us for a longer duration and we plan to use this time to give you a clearer feedback of the bike in the long term, which will include any issues that crop up.

TVS Apache RR 310

The Apache RR310 was being used by Kartikeya and Eshan for a short while before coming to me. Now that it is with me, I do plan to use it extensively. Here’s how.

My daily commute covers 17 kilometres one way that encompasses riding through start-stop traffic, backyard bylanes and a spot of highway travel. This allows the bike to be ridden at 10kmph crawls and also cruise at 100kmph speeds. It involves smooth tarmac, cement roads, B-roads and of course, badly designed speed breakers. Add to that a couple of long-distance jaunts. That should be good enough to properly test any bike, right?

TVS Apache RR 310

I haven't spent much time on the bike, covering just 100 kilometres at the time of writing this. The time spent on the saddle was enough to appreciate the ride quality though. Despite the sporty (read slightly stiff) setup, it absorbs bumps and potholes without letting judders pass on to the rider. It is so good that you could ride over a bad road stretch without feeling any of the after effects.



TVS Apache RR 310

Surprisingly, the ride gets even better with a pillion on board. Riding two up does not compromise on the agility of the bike either. With most bikes, riding with a pillion onboard will have the front end lighten up considerably. That's not the case with the Apache RR 310, even with the heftiest pillion you can find. We did.

TVS Apache RR 310

One thing I am not satisfied with is the braking. The front brakes lack initial bite and feel which means you end up braking harder than usual. This will be checked at the next service, the outcome of which I will discuss in the next report.

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