Twitter Trolls Tesla Cybertruck, Elon Musk Gaffes His Way To 200k Pre-Orders Anyway!

While Twitter was busy hating on the Cybertruck, 2 lakh people already picked it as their next pickup


  • Tesla claims a 0-96kmph (0-60mph) time of 2.9 seconds. 
  • Will be offered with three battery and range options for a range of 400-800km. 
  • The Cybertruck has a bulletproof and dent-proof stainless steel bodywork.
  • Prices will range from USD 39,000 to 69,900 (Rs 28.66 to 50.21 lakh).

While the 2019 LA Auto Show was the epicentre of automotive activity, Tesla unveiled its first electric pickup truck at its design centre in Los Angeles on November 22. Since then, the angular styling of the electric vehicle (EV) has drawn as much attention from automotive journalists as it has from Twitter. Reactions range from mockery of its outlandish design to discussions of its potential utility. The awkwardness that followed the shattering of the ‘bulletproof’ windows during a demonstration has further fueled the social media fire. The result? Sources have reported that the company has received over 2 lakh orders for the pickup truck. It was earlier disclosed that the production of the truck will start in 2021. Yet, the Cybertruck, priced between USD 39,000 to 69,000, the equivalent of Rs 28.66 to 50.21 lakh, has amassed a number of buyers of its tall claims. Here’s our compilation of the best Cybertruck posts and memes on Twitter:

First, someone's wondering if they can carry their farm produce to the market in a Tesla:

Law enforcement in the United States often has a pickup or two, but how practical will the electric Cybertruck be for them? 
Then there are those who liken its design to the angular lines of 90's MPVs:

We, too, remember the Tesla truck from video games of the early 2000s:

Somebody knows exactly where Elon Musk found inspiration for his latest EV:

But this is what you get when you can't run high graphics settings:

We can't imagine what the showroom experience of the truck will be like: 

Tesla's latest truck looks weird and otherworldly, but how will it fare in the real world? Musk seems to have got the pricing right, but will Tesla's modern machine be as reliable and Teutonic as the venerable Ford F-150? Over 2 lakh people have put the Cybertruck alongside the Rivian R1T. The Cybertruck wins with its range and price and those are the promises it has to deliver on. It'll be a couple of years before we get to see the Cybertruck on the road in the US. While it will be the most eye-catching of urban runabouts, we also hope the truck paves the way for work trucks of the future. 

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