Toyota Innova Facelift Unveiled

The Toyota Innova has received its second major visual upgrade to give the MPV a premium feel as well as enhance its overall appeal



New Toyota Innova facelift unveiled




When it comes to the ultimate MPV on Indian roads, the Innova stands as second to none. It’s refinement, ability to carry 7-8 passengers in comfort, frugal nature, ease of driving, quality in fit and finish, and its ability to tackle our quintessential Indian roads have made it a legend in its own right. Loved by private owners as well as cabbies across the country, the Innova has witnessed success like an automotive superstar. It’s been the ultimate family vehicle and excellent value for money. There is very little you can argue about the Innova save for its looks.





When it was first launched, it took the market a while to really understand the Innova’s looks. It’s large almond shaped headlights, raked hood, van like stance and a long body devoid of any major character lines was definitely new and for many a little difficult to digest. However, once people got inside and experienced the Innova, there was a definite change in their perception about the vehicle and even today the Innova is known more for it’s on board experience rather than its looks. So, with a major makeover due on this robust people mover, it looks like Toyota decided to address the only grouse that people had with the Innova…its looks.




New Toyota Innova facelift unveiled




The new Innova has lost the almond lights and these have been replaced with slightly more rectangular wrap around headlights. The grille is wider and boasts of a mouthful of chrome, and the hood gets some nice character lines. All of these elements work to give the Innova wide looking front end that draws its inspiration from the Camry. The silhouette is the same and one can immediately relate to it, while at the rear, the tail lights have been given the clear lens treatment to offer a more up market look and feel.



New Toyota Innova facelift unveiled




The interiors have received very little in terms of a spruce up, however the dashboard has been enhanced with an integrated touch screen system similar to the one found on the new Fortuner. The rest of the package remains the same including the fantastic ride and drive quality.  It’s an upgrade for the better and though buyers of the Innova really need no convincing, the new look should go a long way in making that buying decision even easier.

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