New Skoda Superb 2016: Top 7 Reasons to Buy

The New Skoda Superb is coming to India by mid of 2016. It will be priced around Rs 30 lakh making it more expensive than the current car. So, should you be looking to buy one? ZigWheels.com lists 7 reasons why you might want to...

New Skoda Superb front static

The new Skoda Superb has just been revealed. And it looks really good. But, there’s more to the car than just good looks. Now, the New Superb will only come to India by middle of 2016 and when it does, it will be costlier than the current car. But we at ZigWheels.com believe, it will still be a worthy purchase. Here are top 7 facts that make the new Superb an even better buy.

1. Design

Sure. It is a great looking car, the new Superb. But there’s more to the design than just looks. It is slipperier through the air which should make it quieter inside the cabin, quicker on highways and of course, more fuel efficient. The fact that the new car is lighter than before will enhance these new attributes.  You get a car that’s presentable, worth flaunting and light on the pocket… at least to run.

New Skoda Superb 2016 interior

2. Equipment

The previous Skoda Superb was already brimming with equipment. But then who is to judge how much is enough. So the new Superb is packed with even more comfort and convenience related features. Internationally, it comes with a feature list that runs into three pages. The abridged Indian version even though not as long, will still make you dizzy. With a three zone climate control system, a panoramic sunroof, parking assist with camera and 8 airbags, ESP, ABS and automatic this and automatic that, the new Superb will even make higher segment cars seem underdressed.

3. Space

As with equipment, the space again on the new Superb is not just class leading, it is shattering. It is biased towards the rear passengers of course given like the Chinese populace, we too in India love to be chauffeured around. But the driver and the bodyguard upfront don't have it bad either. In fact they have more head, leg and elbow room than before. And for the sahib, biwi and possibly their iPads seated at the rear, there’s more head, elbow and legroom too, besides more knee and shoulder room as well. And there’s a bigger boot to throw in those bigger suitcases.

New Skoda Superb 2016 rear static

4. Engines

The new Superb will come with two engines to begin with – both with direct injection, turbocharging, and a flat and potent torque curve. The 1.8-litre petrol should appeal to the driver in you given the way it revs, sounds and pulls from the word go. The diesel, even with its noisy nature, will give the long distance traveller, the office goer and the miserly, lots to rejoice about. The lazier lot will also have the option of mating either engine with a 7-speed automatic DSG gearbox in the petrol and a 6-speed DSG unit on the diesel. As for the ones with an overactive left hand, there will be the 6-speed manual they can opt for, with both engines.

5. Innovations

The new Superb is ushering in quite a few firsts for Skoda; a reflection of the innovation gone behind developing the new car. It will get adaptive Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) including Driving Mode Select, a new three-zone climate control system and new connectivity solutions. The top models will get integrated high-speed internet connection. Plus, smartphone integration which will allow certain vehicle data to be accessed on the user’s smartphone apps. Plus, some selected smartphone apps will be accessible via the infotainment system’s screen. Now, all this is on paper. But, we are assured, the idea is to get as much new stuff into the car as regulations allow.

New Skoda Superb 2016 rear static

6. Service

So far Skoda has struggled when it comes to after sales in India. But with the company’s focus now on completely revising the setup and getting the basics in place with customer satisfaction as top priority, the service experience is going to improve dramatically. It might not be the best in the industry in 2015, but there will be a noteworthy change. Transparent systems, better trained and courteous staff and high accountability at the dealer end is what is bound to make a difference. So, why is it a reason to buy the New Superb? Simply because when you spend more, you expect a more hassle free, bordering on pampering, ownership experience. And that will most certainly now come with the new Superb.

7. Value

Value, if we were to define it in the simplest of ways, is basically what you experience for the money you have spent. And the product – its features, performance, driving feel or even just the looks – must feel that it is worth a lot more. In the New Superb’s case, be it against competition in its own class or with competitors a class above, the ‘value’ clearly shines through; maybe the brightest in its class.

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