Austria’s Beast Goes Rallying!

The 1290 SuperEnduro R is the most powerful enduro bike ever made!

  • This KTM beast was built by former off-road racer, Jirí Heiník.
  • It still pumps out 164PS of power and 132Nm of torque.
  • It has raced in the hardest enduro rally on Earth -- the Erzberg Rodeo.

Off-road machines, as we know it, tend to be lightweight, single-cylinder compact motorcycles. The 450cc format has been highly popular ever since the regulations for the Dakar rally changed to make the sport slightly safer. But every sport has to have its fair share of nutters. This time, this nutter comes from Czech Republic. Jirí Heiník thought that he was not happy with just 450 cee cees and just a single cylinder. He wanted the largest that KTM made and he wanted to go off-roading at the Erzberg Rodeo of all places. Voila, the 1290 SuperEnduro R was born.

What started out life as a 2015 1290 Super Duke R, the SuperEnduro is the definition of going overboard with power. The LC8 V-twin engine still pumps out 164PS and 132Nm. The output is frightening enough as it is on tarmac, so riding it on dirt is simply mental.

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Heiník kept the engine and chassis intact but obviously could not use the same suspension or wheels from the Beast. Thankfully, the suspension units of the 1290 Super Adventure were fit for the cause. Special Kineo spoke rims were shod with super aggressive knobbies, making it fit for any obstacle in its path. The focus of making a compact enduro motorcycle remained as the 1290 SuperEnduro gets a narrower and handbuilt fuel tank.

Erzberg Rodeo is not one for the faint-hearted. KTM has been the dominant force at the world’s toughest single-day rally. While we are willing to wager that the factory 450s will be the best tools to conquer the Iron Mountain, the 1290 SuperEnduro R might just turn out to be a super special way to reach the top of the hill.

Source: Bikebound.com

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