Honda City CVT vs Hyundai Verna Turbo-petrol DCT: Performance And Fuel Efficiency Compared

Does the Verna’s 1.0-litre turbo-petrol engine deliver better performance than the Honda City’s 1.5-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine? Let’s find out



Modern day downsized turbo-petrol engines develop more or less the same power as slightly bigger naturally aspirated petrol engines. One classic example is the Hyundai Verna Turbo that develops almost the same power as the Honda City petrol. But which one is the faster sedan here? Let’s find out:

First, The Specifications:


Hyundai Verna Turbo

Honda City CVT


1.0-litre Turbo-petrol

1.5-litre Naturally Aspirated Petrol

Power (PS)

120PS @ 6000rpm

121PS @ 6600rpm

Torque (Nm)

172Nm @ 1500rpm to 4000rpm

145Nm @ 4300rpm


7-speed dual-clutch automatic

7-step CVT


Both models develop similar power though the Verna turbo-petrol produces more torque (+27Nm) than the City. Moreover, the 172Nm of torque starts coming in from just 1500rpm while the City’s engine produces its power and torque at a much higher RPM. The City utilises a refined CVT while the Verna comes with a sophisticated dual-clutch automatic. 

So clearly, both cars are worlds apart in the powertrain department. But which car performs better? We recently put them through their paces to find some answers.

Performance Timings:


Hyundai Verna Turbo

Honda City CVT


12.03 seconds

12.74 seconds (Wet)

Kickdown Mode (20 to 80kmph)

7.78 seconds

7.25 seconds


The Verna Turbo is just a smidge faster than the Honda City CVT, which was tested in wet conditions. We could have achieved a better 0-100kmph time in the City if weather conditions were favourable. Even the Verna Turbo has the potential to be faster. But the DCT gearbox doesn’t allow the car to be launched hard and thus the slower 0-100kmph time. In comparison, the Venue Turbo with the same engine and a 6-speed manual gearbox did the same run in 10.99 seconds, 1.04 seconds faster than the DCT equipped version.  


What really surprised us here though is during kickdown mode. The City managed to beat the Verna by a smidge and this is despite the City utilising a CVT, which is best known for its relaxed nature. CVTs shoot up the revs when you put your foot down but the corresponding rise in actual speed tend to be less.  

Fuel Efficiency Figures: 


Hyundai Verna Turbo

Honda City CVT









Despite their small displacement, turbo-petrol engines aren’t as fuel efficient as they’re supposed to be. The Verna is no different and isn’t as fuel efficient as the City in town. Even on the highway, the City CVT managed to fare better than the Verna in terms of fuel efficiency. 



Hyundai Verna Turbo

Honda City CVT

Price (ex-showroom)

Rs 13.99 lakh

Rs 12.20 lakh to Rs 14.45 lakh 


The Verna Turbo-petrol matches the City quite well in terms of performance. But one area where the Verna could fare better is in terms of fuel efficiency as the Hyundai isn’t as fuel efficient as the Honda. The City emerges as the clear winner as you get similar performance and much better fuel efficiency than the Hyundai.

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