Dieselgate Continues To Haunt VW With Charges Over Violating Canada’s Emission Laws

Dieselgate had rocked the automotive industry back in 2015 and it doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon


  • 58 charges consist of importing nearly 128,000 vehicles between 2008 and 2015 that didn’t meet emission norms.
  • The other two charges relate to the carmaker providing false emission figures using defeat devices.
  • Court hearing expected later this week.
  • Likely to incur a huge fine like the USD 4.3 billion settlement in the US.

Volkswagen has been hard at work in making up for the 2015 dieselgate scandal with its ID range of  EVs. It may have generated a buzz with the ID.3 hatchback as well as the ID.R electric racer, but it seems like the carmaker’s past demons continue to haunt it. The effects of dieselgate have cropped up once again as the Canadian government is charging Volkswagen for 60 counts of violating their emission norms.

Amongst the charges, 58 of them are related to Volkswagen importing nearly 128,000 vehicles between January 2008 and December 2015 that didn’t meet the emission norms. The other two charges are related to providing false emission figures. These charges are the result of an investigation done by the Environment and Climate Change Canada, that focused on VW vehicles equipped with a defeat device. These devices helped the cars give a readout that met the emission norms in testing but exceeded them in normal conditions.

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A court hearing is slated to take place later this week in the Ontario Court Of Justice. The aftereffects of this hearing are yet to be known but expect Volkswagen to incur a heavy fine for these violations like the USD 4.3 billion settlement in the US.

While these plans are highly unlikely to put a massive dent in Volkswagen’s all-electric push, the carmaker is still facing heavy consequences from governments all over the globe to make up for the 2015 dieselgate scandal. And it looks like it will take a long time for VW to finally put this to rest once and for all.


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