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Evtric’s New Electric Motorcycle Has An “Engine”

The Evtric Rise’s uniquely designed battery pack offers a claimed range of 110km

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Pune-based EV start-up Evtric Motors has launched its first motorcycle in India called Rise. This company already has two electric scooters, Axis and Ride, on sale and with the Rise, the company aims to take on the niche electric motorcycle genre as well.

 What's It's Price? Who Are Its Rivals?

The Evtric Rise has been priced at Rs 1,59,990 (ex-showroom India), and can be booked at dealerships for a token of Rs 5,000. This electric motorcycle’s primary rival is Revolt RV 400 which costs Rs 1.17 lakh (on-road including FAME-II and state subsidy). 

 What's New

The Evtric Rise design is very close to a traditional ICE motorcycle and you’d even mistake it for one at first glance. Its lithium-ion battery pack’s casing has been designed to mimic the look of an engine. This 72V/40Ah battery pack can be charged in a claimed four hours and a range of 110km. Evtric has paired this battery pack with a 2kW BLDC hub motor that has a claimed top speed of 70kmph.

This electric motorcycle comes with LED illumination all around. EVtrci has not mentioned any features of the Rise, however, do not expect any fancy connectivity features as this appears to be a barebone electric motorcycle.

Even the underpinnings are pretty basic with a telescopic and dual shock setup taking care of suspension duties while disc brakes at both ends are entrusted with braking.


The Evtric Rise comes out as a pricey proposition, considering the features and performance on offer. This new electric motorcycle joins the long list of mundane electric vehicles introduced in our country. Though the Rise is part of the niche electric motorcycle segment in India, it doesn’t seem to have what it takes to woo the audience, at least on paper.


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