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Top 5 Things To Know About The Revamped Android Auto Infotainment Interface

The latest version of the in-car infotainment interface gets major updates with a focus on safety

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Google’s Android is rolling out the latest version of its Android Auto infotainment system interface. It gets a fresh new user interface (UI) and several feature additions, including a new phone-based key (digital key) feature. 

Here are the full details of the changes in the new Android Auto: 

Wide interface with split screens

Infotainment screens are getting bigger in the cars we drive, so the latest Android Auto is compatible with screens of multiple shapes, sizes and orientations. Several premium models also come with a digital driver’s display controlled by the infotainment OS, and the latest update gives you an Android-like interface in the driver’s display as well. 

It also gets new widgets and on-screen shortcuts and a split-screen layout for displaying two apps simultaneously. For example, you’ll be able to use Google Maps and a music app at the same time, allowing you to change the music without interrupting the map directions being displayed on the screen. 

Digital Car Key

Simply put, a digital car key allows you to use your smartphone for locking, unlocking and starting the car. This feature is only compatible with the Googel Pixel 6 and newer Google phones and flagship Samsung Galaxy phones of the models S21 and newer. You’ll also need a car that’s compatible with digital car key; for now, only BMW models come with this feature, but it will be expanded to other car brands and models. 

More efficient and safe communication

The best part about using Android Auto instead of the car’s in-built infotainment OS is that it’s an extension of your phone. The latest AA gives you missed-call alerts, has shortcuts for your most-dialled contacts and supports several Android phone applications including WhatsApp. It even lets you make WhatsApp calls without touching your phone. 

All your messages are displayed in the notification menu, but you can’t read them while the car is moving. However, you can respond to them once the car comes to a halt, using Google Assistant or on-screen keyboard prompts.

Safety prompts and other suggestions 

Android Auto will now be able to track how much you use the touchscreen while driving, and it’ll give you a little prompt if you’re distracting yourself too much. In addition, AA lets you share your ETA and location quickly with your loved ones. In case of an emergency, it automatically sends your location with the emergency response services.  


The list of cars compatible with Android Auto is growing steadily. All Android phones running Android OS 8 or higher can use Android Auto in a car or aftermarket touchscreen enabled with the feature. Several new cars, including some affordable models come factory-fitted with Android Auto-enabled touchscreen infotainment systems. For a full list of compatible models check out this list from Google

The latest version of Android Auto is being rolled out, and you can expect it to arrive as a software update for your AA-enabled car in the coming weeks. Similarly, the improved functionality and features will be updated in Android-based smartphone models, starting with Google and Samsung phones running Android 13.

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