• Q. Which is better Swift LXi or Wagon R 1.2 VXi as the on road prices are similar. I need comfort, mileage and fun to drive. Build quality as well.

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    Chhanhima | 5 months ago

    Considering the swift LXI and Wagon R VXI 1.2, the Wagon r VXI will come with more features. Both shares the same platform and same engine too. Since the wagon r is lighter it will be more peppier to drive. There will be more passenger space inside too as it follows the old tall boy design structure. Since both cars are from the same manufacturer, both are equally good. Swift came from a more premium segment while the wagon r is from the mid class segment. From the version you have pointed out, the wagon r 1.2VXI will be better then the Swift LXI

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    Siddhartha | 5 months ago

    It depends on factors and how you priorities them. Wagon R has a tall boy design so if you are tall then ingress and egress will be better in wagon R. Creature comforts will be better in comparison to the swift Lxi model. In city riding conditions both cars are good, on highway swift will perform better because of its aerodynamic structure. Overall swift Lxi is a proven brand and model when comparing to the Wagon R 1.2. Engine credential are same for both though swift will be peppier of the two.Hope this helps to make up your mind!

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    Thulasi | 5 months ago

    Both cars don't have good build quality. Mileage is good in both. Comfort is Ok. Swift is fun to drive in city, but not safe on higher speeds. Ignis is much better, but expensive.

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    Roy | 2 weeks ago

    SWIFT gives all of that.

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    ESTUDIO | 1 month ago

    Swift is Damm lot better

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    Rajesh | 2 months ago

    Maruti Suzuki swift lxi

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    Priyank | 2 weeks ago

    Go for swift

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    Satyanarayan | 1 month ago


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    VEDANT | 2 months ago


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    Amit | 5 months ago

    For milage better to choice wagon and for more comfort go for swift

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