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  • Q. How long it travel in one charge?
    Dillip | 2 years ago

    Strom Motors R3 has a range of 200km. It will run on a 48-volt electric system, with the electric motor rated at 15kW (20.4PS) and 90Nm.

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  • Q. Can it be charged at home?
    Saibu | 1 year ago

    Seating capacity

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  • Q. AC available ?
    Dillip | 2 years ago

    Yes, the Strom Motors R3 is equipped with Air Conditioner.

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    Strom Motors R3
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    • Excellent cars

      Excellent cars and very easy for drive your don't need big cars for daily routine use this one

    • 5.0
      Rapidly expanding

      This electric cars have gained significant popularity in recent years, And for good reason.They offer a multitude of benefits that make them a compelling choice for environmentally conscious individuals and those looking to save on fuel costs.1.Environmental impact:electric cars produce zero tailpipe emissions, Making them a vital part of the effort to combat climate change and reduce air pollution in urban areas.They contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.2.Cost savings:while the initial purchase price of electric cars may be higher than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, The long-term cost savings are substantial.Electricity is generally cheaper than gasoline, And the maintenance costs are lower due to fewer moving parts and no oil changes.Many governments also offer incentives, Rebates, And tax credits to further reduce the cost of electric car ownership.3.Quiet and smooth driving:electric cars are remarkably quiet, Offering a serene driving experience.The absence of an internal combustion engine means there's no noisy revving, Making for a peaceful ride.Additionally, Electric motors provide instant torque, Resulting in smooth and responsive acceleration.4.Range and charging infrastructure:the range of electric cars has improved significantly over the years, With many models now capable of covering long distances on a single charge.Moreover, The charging infrastructure is rapidly expanding, Making it easier than ever to find charging stations for both home and public use.Fast-charging options are becoming increasingly common, Reducing the time required to charge your vehicle.5.Technological advancements:electric cars often come equipped with cutting-edge technology, Including advanced infotainment systems, Driver-assistance features, And over-the-air updates.These innovations enhance the overall driving experience and keep your vehicle up to date with the latest improvements.6.Future sustainability:as the world transitions to renewable energy sources, Electric cars are poised to become even more sustainable.Charging them with electricity generated from clean sources like wind and solar power further reduces their carbon footprint.In conclusion, Electric cars offer a promising solution to many of the challenges associated with traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.They are not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective, Quiet, And technologically advanced.With ongoing advancements in battery technology and infrastructure, The future of electric mobility looks bright.

    • Unique vehicle

      It is very unique vehicle and it is very easy to drive in traffic with cool looks and it will park without any parking problems.Totally it is worth while buying vehicle.

    • Amazing thing

      It's a amazing thing like person me like so much, And it's very good for youngsters like college boys

    • 5.0
      Very good good mileage everything

      Very good good mileage everything i have a great day of deal in it it is very good stable enough ever

    • Mini car is the best vehicle

      Mini car is the best vehicle in india thanks for instance

    • For buying i don't know that

      For buying i don't know that car.First car buyi after telling my experience.


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