• Q. I want to know how differs auto shift gear from manual gear - Alto K10?

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    Vismit | 2 months ago

    People here are giving positive answers for Auto Gear Shift. Well, my point of view is little different here. I am driving Auto Gear and VXI both cars on regular basis. I purchased VXI at 2013 and VXI at 2016 since then im driving both cars daily. Auto Gear is smooth when you are at constant speed. But it sometimes j**k fast as expected while reversing the car and you have very minimal space backside and just touch to the accelerator and the cars jerks alot and it become necessary to instant press the break.When you are overtaking someone else, Whole overtaking the auto gear become hassle. It changes the gear automatically depends upon the speed of the car where sometimes we need to overtake quickly. Even after pressing the accelerator full the car does not changes the gear on time and it become very risky for me on national highway twice.(I have learned from the experience that if you want to change the gear at specific time, remove your feet from the accelator and press it back again) In manual, It is difficult sometimes to drive and do some other activity simultaneously. But the experience is much better on the highway and traffic, Easy to park and smooth in reverse. So, my point of view, I like manual little bit better then Auto Gear. Just because of these two reason.

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    Zigwheels | 7 months ago

    AGS is also known to be Auto Gear Shift is the technology which is offered on the Maruti Cars with a similar mechanism as the AMT which is known to be Automatic manual Transmission. The AMT transmission has the exact same gear and clutch setup as seen in a manual transmission the difference being in a place of a gear lever and the clutch pedal inside the car cabin, which are manually operated by the user, the AMT transmission has a hydraulic actuator system mounted inside the engine which operates both. In simple terms in an AMT transmission, the driver has an option to drive the car in a manual transmission as well as the automatic transmission. Whereas in the Manual Transmission the driver is offered with a clutch and a movable gear stick in the cabin. Most automobile manual transmissions set a forward gear ratio ("gear") as 1,2,3,4,5,6 or even 7, the driver can select the next-higher or next-lower gear according to the engine rpm and speed. The gears are small sprocket rings which are mated with the engine rpm range which is known as gear ratios of the car.

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    Rajkumar | 7 months ago

    You can be free from the hassle of repeated use of clutch/gear during heavy traffic, the car comes with electronic gear transmission system which transmits the gear according to the speed of vehicle.

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    Sameer | 5 months ago

    Auto gear shift make your drive easier than the manual, you don't have clutch pedal on auto gear shift.

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    Jai | 6 months ago

    Auto shift runs smoothly in crowded area but very expensive

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    Jai | 7 months ago

    Run very smooth in crowded area

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    JAI | 6 months ago

    Hassle free riding.

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