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Electric Scooters Under 30000

Here is a list of 3 electric scooters under 30000 available in India. The most popular electric scooters under 30000 include Avon E Plus (Rs. 25,000), Avon E Lite (Rs. 28,000) and Komaki Super (Rs. 29,500). The top bike manufacturers that produce electric scooters under 30000 are Avon, Komaki. Check out best electric scooters under 30000 in India from Avon E Plus to Komaki Super.

Electric Scooters Under 30000 Price List

ModelEx-showroom Price
Avon E PlusRs. 25,000
Avon E LiteRs. 28,000
Komaki SuperRs. 29,500

Electric Scooters Under 30000 in India

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The biggest USP of electric bikes is that they produce zero vehicular pollution. Electric bikes run on electricity which means they don’t burn any fossil fuels and do not contribute to air pollution.

Low Maintenance Costs

Electric bikes have less moving parts compared to ICE bikes. Lithium-ion battery packs last for years before you might need to replace them. Regular cleaning and occasional lubrication keeps the bike running without spending big bucks.

Government Subsidies

The Government has launched benefits under FAME II scheme (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles) to encourage citizens to purchase Electric bikes and scooters. One can expect better prices with these incentives, and more manufacturers launching electric bikes.

Cost Effective

With rising prices of fuel, buyers may prefer electric bikes as the price per unit for electricity does not fluctuate rapidly. The maintenance and recharging of electric bikes is more affordable.

Higher Price Bracket

Most electric bikes cost upwards of 90,000/- as compared to fuel bikes. Hence, it requires the buyer to make a high initial investment. The major contributor to high cost is the lithium-ion battery packs in electric bikes which costs around 50% of the total cost of the bike.

Lower Range

The range of an electric bike is defined as the distance covered by it after one time charging. With a charge of about 5 hours, an electric bike can run somewhere close to 100 Kms. This makes it a little unsuitable for long distance rides.

Scarce Charging Stations

Although the number of charging stations is expected to increase over the coming years, finding a station in proximity for EV bike owners is still an inconvenience. Finding a petrol pump is relatively easier than finding an EV charging station.

Longer Charging Duration

Electric bikes may take up to 5 hours to charge fully whereas it takes only a couple of minutes to refuel a petrol/diesel bike. Fast chargers are not available at all charging stations which causes inconvenience to the user.

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Electric Scooters Under 30000 User Reviews

  • E Lite
    2 reviews

    Koyi mat lena bhayi tires or tube kahi nahi mil rahe india me iske mere pass bhi hain ek paresaan ho gaya am isse na hi kanhi bik rahi h na hi saman mil raha h kabadi ko hi bechani padegi khareed kar

    Som 1 month ago
  • Super
    6 reviews

    Komaki super bike is very nice bike. My experience 3 month very nice . But his esliter his not working today so I can get new esliter that's provide me komaki super bike company. Please give mi new esliter or new bike ok

    Mutiur 1 year ago

Running Cost Of An Electric Bikes & Scooters

Electric bikes typically have a range of about 50 Kms-150 Kms. Taking average consumption of an EV two-wheeler as 3 units per charge and Rs. 15 per unit of electricity, a user will have to shell out about Rs. 45 per charge. With rising fuel prices, low running costs offer a respite to all EV bike users. So, for as low as Rs. 45, you can travel an average of 100 Kms till your next charge.

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