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Rs. 3.51 Lakh
Discontinued Model since 21 Apr 2020

Yamaha YZF R3 Overview

Yamaha has discontinued the YZF-R3 in India since it does not meet the upcoming BS6 emission norms. The brand launched the 2019 R3 overseas but it is not BS6-compliant and has not made its way to India.The bike is expected to be introduced later this year or early next year once it internationally receives a Euro5/BS6 update.

The international motorcycle gets new design updates that included an LED headlight, new fairing and taller windscreen. It also gets a full-digital instrument console. The new motorcycle's riding position is even more sportier thanks to the clip-on handlebars being 22mm lower. It ispowered by the same 321cc, parallel-twin, liquid-cooled motor that puts out 42PS and 29.6Nm of torque as seen on the older bike. Yamaha claims that new R3 is 8kmph faster.Also, the 2019 Yamaha R3 features a KYB 37mm USD fork, replacing the telescopic unit on its predecessor.

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Q. How much is the cost for adding additional ABS in Yamaha YZF R3?
  • Now ABS is available but as now in India R3 is discontinued but this end of they or 2021 it will be launching
  • Officially yamaha is not retrofitting ABS in R3 in India..
  • Is R3 available in Visakhapatnam
Q. When will Yamaha YZF R3 BS6 launch in India?
  • This 2020 gone launch
  • It's there...
Q. When R3 BS6 model arrive?
  • As of now, there is no official update from the brand's end regarding the launch of Yamaha YZF R3 BS6 variant. Stay tuned for further updates.
  • Any R3 available in any of the Bangalore showroom ?? Pls let me know
  • By 2020 in this year
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Q. Is it a better to buy R3 or RR310?
  • Don't compare with 2 cylinder engine with 1 cylinder vehicle.Always 2 cylinders engine is best in performance.I am using R3 for Daily commute around 30kms daily.And it's maintenance cost is also low..his will be your maintenance cost till your free labor cost upto 3 service. After 3 service add 2200+18% GST for Labour charge only. After 5000 kms Engine oil 1 liter = 425 for yamalube u will need 3 liters if you go for motul u will need approx 1800 After 10,000 kms Engine oil 1 liter = 425 for yamalube u will need 3 liters if you go for motul u will need approx 1800 Oil filter 440 Air filter 550
  • The TVS Apache RR 310 is an affordable, but capable alternative to Yamaha R3. It offers sharp, well-proportioned styling. The Apache RR 310, despite being designed as a track focussed bike, is quite usable in the city thanks to its torquey and tractable motor. It offers a good balance between ride and handling as well.
  • How can compare twing with single..Both machines are entirely diff..Can't compare. I don:t recomment Apache. Go for f3. You won't be disappointed that I can assure you. F3 can be used for both touring nd daily purposed. If you're a tourer don't think tooooo much go and get it...
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Q. Which is the better bike between Yamaha R3 and ninja 300?
  • The 2018 Yamaha YZF-R3 comes with a 300cc, liquid-cooled, parallel twin motor that is refined, powerful and tractable. Complementing the motor is a very capable chassis that feels just right regardless of whether you are in city traffic, touring or belting down the racetrack. The introduction of ABS dor 2018 adds Rs 23,000 to the cost of the previous version, but for that you also get stickier Metzeler Sportec M5 tyres. On the other hand, the Kawasaki Ninja 300 hasn't garnered a lot of fame in India, owing to its price tag. But with the new pricing, the future looks a lot more promising for the Ninja 300. It does come across as a very potent track tool with not so sharp ergonomics as the KTM. Making it a more approachable machine for riders to use it for their daily stints as well. Nonetheless, a twin-cylinder at this price is pretty tempting. Here both the bikes are good enough but we would suggest you to go for Yamaha as it has a better service network as compare to Kawasaki. Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test ride in order to clear your all doubts. Click on the given link to get your nearest dealership details: https://www.zigwheels.com/bikes/dealers
  • It depends on what type of sitting posture you like , comfortable or riding stance, i noticed that if you r sitting in r3 which i like a lot. doesnt give you a big bike feel and has more relaxed position (the moment you hop on you will feel that something is wrong with its gear positioning - but its built like that to not give much pain for long rides) and in ninja iyts more of a city sport bike..riding stance is good have a bigger fuel tank which really looks good and you can grab the tank properly with your legs.exhaust note is more of a 650 cc category more bassy.Thanks
  • Both r good but if you need R3 is wonderful machine which has a raw power it gives a thrill for riders if you go to nija300 it is also a good machine with very smooth engine if you hv more budget you can go for a R3 but as now in India it is discontinued for a while mite be in this year Yamaha gona launch BS6
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Q. Finally I'm planned to buy 2019 Yamaha R3..when it will launch in India ? Waiting is so painful any approx a month or it will take more than 6 months (or after December)? If I would wait for 2019 R3 how month or can I go with current model if new will take more than 8 months. Plzz suggest ..... And I love this new 2019 R3 model.
  • It's bad from Yamaha for giving old paint scheme in 2019...lacks air vent in the fairing.. no usd forks..upright riding posture(needed to be sporty)..but great bike ...if you love it take it.
  • I was waiting for 2019 model since November 2018, never arrived, then hoped for model 2020, ain't coming to india before 2021. Hopelessly, frustrated, Going for 2018 model now.
  • The New R3 has better aerodynamics with it's newer design from back to front. And it has new speedometer. The rest is same. So if you want these new perks then it's worth the wait. If not then go with the current one.
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  • 4.2

    Hey I am Robisankar. I am a businessman. For 5 year’s i go toLindsay Street, just off Chowringhee Road to maintain my business whice is stay from my house about 22 Km. This is not so close to me. I am now 32 years old & i have one 9 year’s Son. Now I tell you about here my 3 rd Bike. Even this bike i use personally two bike at all. Firstly i use Honda CG 125 , Secondly I use Bajaj Pulser 150 for two years.As a maintainer of a business i am busy for maximum time & the distance between my house & my office so far. Bike is a vechile where no need to wait for anyone. So i have to crying needeed a bike. So the maintain my time & root use of my time i buy my Motorcycle. When i sell my last bike my friend & my cute son tell me to buy a big bike. Accedentis the main cause of my slling this bike. I wan to know firstly that i don’t buy another bike. But situation have forced me to buy a bike. So few days later I go some brand’s showroom & Finally I bought amaha YZF-R3 motorcycle. I choose this bike for ABS braking system. I think it gives me very safety & speedy also. I bought this bike with Rs 3,45,000. This day is very memorable for me. It is so biggi for me. Firstly I drive my Bike & i can realize the difference between my previous Motorcycle.When i reached my home i feel much better to ride this bike. It has so speed though i can’t take the top speed. I am worried about it’s mileage because only 20 kmpl mileage of it’s. It is not unusal also cz it has 321 cc very powerfull engine.As a describer on my bike. It’s so nice, big & styling. Braking system is just owsome. Relax seat system i very enjoy to seat here & ride experience. When i bought this bike it gives me 25 kmpl mileage now after 4,000 km it gives me 20 kmpl mileage. I am sure about that it gives me this mileage a long time because i concern about this mileage with a specialist. This mileage is not a matter for me. I make a long tour about 600 km per one day when I & my friend make a journey by Motorcycle. I notice one think that i have not suffer from my neck pain for riding a long drive. It’s 2 chanel Abs system is so working i just trial about this Abs syestem with my safety dress. But good news it’s work just super for the result I observe my experience without any injury .For the long time with this bike i want to tell all of bike rider that it is really a nice bike. I don’t tell to claim it mine as a rider i enjoy it & it gives me speedy ,comfort , abs safety & most of popular ause it gives me Styling bike riding Experience. My son also enjoy this bike to seat behind me .The young man tell me pappa more speed, more speed. But all time i ride my bike with a fresh sence & secure. I change gear oil regularly & service for a month regular. I have no more big cost in behind this bike . It is so free for me now at all. At the last I tell one think I really enjoy this bike & I also love my this Yamaha YZF-R3 Bike.

  • 5.0

    Got this as my first bike and put 11,000 miles on it in 6 months. City miles. Got it with 0 miles and it is now just under 30,000. I had some recall work done pertaining to oil pan or something? I’ve laid it down twice and I’ve dropped it 3 or 4 times. Only maintenance cost was a new battery after around 4.5yrs, brake pads, and a new chain. AND a new low beam headlight kit from my accident at 50mph (internal structure, not outside), new shift lever which could have probably been bent back with heat if needed)and then changing my oil a little too often.She’s been good to me and when I started driving semi’s, she was ready to ride after sitting for weeks at a time without a battery tender. Flaws: if I let off electric start too soon on a bad startup it occasionally putters a little trying attempt 2(perhaps mild flooding?) This only happens if I turn off very briefly after a rigorous ride where she’s pretty hot still. This has been an issue that I noticed before probably 3-5,000 miles. When I was around 150lbs I let off of it at 125mph, yet google states top speed is 118... People think it’s a 600 and I think it’s a 150 😅 but it was just what I was looking for and more! Great buy!

  • 5.0

    Absolutely perfect & One of the least offensive stock exhaust which has a deep throaty roar as revs climbs. Power delivery is very smooth & linear, so no sudden burst of power at lower rpm, however past 7000rpm punch increases all the up to red line. Though on a bit expensive side still best bang for your buck. Though brakes could have been better, front brakes feel bit spongy but a steel braided brake line should take care of it.

  • 4.2

    Yzf r3 is the besk bike but it is kinda problem also.1) Starting issue always even after showing it to the yamaha service center 3 times.2)Recalling of the bikes after paying a rich amount of money on this bike.3)No option for old bikes to go for abs while ktm 390 has the same.

  • 5.0

    Its rare to find a bike that can be a good all rounder. Personally though I have a few other bikes of smaller capacity, this bike came as a big surprise in terms of overall usability. A great overall package.

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