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Rs. 59,880
Discontinued Model since 30 Nov 2019

Yamaha Saluto Overview

Yamaha has updated the Saluto 125 with UBS (Unified Braking System). It essentially works similar to CBS (Combined Braking System), where partial brake force is applied at the front simultaneously when the rear brake is applied. Yamaha has discontinued the non-UBS model from the market. The Saluto RX is now priced at Rs 58,500 (drum) and Rs 60,500 (disc) and can be brought in four new colours - red, blue and black. The matte green option, on the other hand, costs Rs 1,000 more.

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Q. I am looking for a commuter bike having best in mileage, looks, comfort, cheap/easy maintenance and long lasting durability. Can I go with Yamaha Saluto 125 disc, Honda Livo disc or TVS Victor disc?
  • You can deffinetly go for livo disk if yet you haven't buy any,bcz currently i had purchased new variant of it, it gives around 70-75kmpl and awsome pickup, so stable on road ,60-70kmph is like nothing ,but a little vibration over 70kmph ,yes it has a little gear box problem but you can overcome by pressing the clutch lever properly and change the gears only by using front end of gear pedal just like sports bikes having single side gear pedal, I don't know how but it works and it also makes you feel like a rider 😁
  • Except LIVO, you can buy any bike. Coz LIVO has inherent gear box problem. It's my personal experience. Livo has lowest resale value in the market. Check with bike evaluators and than take decision. All the best
  • If you like bajaj bike then go with discover 125. it fits as per your requirements. if not then go with livo.
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  • Saluto 125 is combination of power and comfort in its price segment.Powerful Yamaha engine offers great durability and the happy news it even if you rev through your riding life you don't have to keep taking the bike to service centers very often.the riding ergonomics of this bike is good with front seated foot pecks upright riding position which won't simply offer you a backpain. This simply is a ideal bike for heavy traffic city rides and for highway rides as well even with my very heavy use and high torque rev driving the bike offers me a 60+ km mileage (the bike is more than 3 years old and had run like 80000+ km )
  • I loved my experience on the Yamaha Saluto as I am not a speedster. In the economical section of bikes, it is one of the best bikes! Sad that it didn't generate interest from clients. It is a value for money bike and serves its purpose quite well.
  • Seat cousin is hard please change the soft cousin.
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Q. What is the cost for 1st service of Yamaha Saluto 125?
  • There are good habits and then there are bad habbits. One needs to go to the authorized service station only for any new bike since a lot of your future satisfaction depends upon it. You should not be overly worried about the cost. What you should instead be more interested in is to form a group rapport with your service manager and their employees. You should approach any given service facility with that positive vibes to get a good response and proper attention for your vehicle.
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Q. Cb shine or yamaha saluto which one is better
  • I have had both. First the Shine (very first edition) and then Saluto. Though I loved the Shine initially but as time wore on, I had to let go of it. Chain issues, basically. I found Saluto better than Shine in many ways. Saluto has two drawbacks, seat height for men with shorter height and pickup. But every other aspect, it scores above the rest in the category. However, also check out the new Discover 125 with all newly added features. Give it a Good thought rather than regretting.
  • I have seen saluto it is a long bike and look smart, If you are yamaha fan then go for it.But Shine is very smooth comfortable and reliable bike from my experience.And also it has better value then yamha
  • No doubt yamaha saluto has better mileage.but maintanence cost of cb shine is less in comparison to saluto
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Q. When will Yamaha Saluto BS6 will launch?
  • Nandish yamaha saluto bs6 yavaga barute
  • Not Yet
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Yamaha Saluto User Reviews

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  • 5.0

    Pick-up Good, Speed Best in 80 km/hr, Maintenance Low Cost, Millage 65km/ltrBest bike

  • 4.6

    Mileage was giving in 60 and good conditions maintenance also good low amount of usageGood confort to long rides

  • 1.0

    This vehicle is too waste of money, Too delicate and not get mileage and spare parts also not available in market, Tooo worst

  • 3.4

    good bike but when going speed vibrating

  • 5.0

    This bike was very good condition bj hbyh jiggy jnhhv uh ijjujb ijnujb ujbybb gbvghnijhmkjhbnnv jnkiggm bgknnhnjknbhnbv

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  • 4.2

    Pros: Good Mileage, Decent Engine, Good Pick up for 125 CC, Looks good Cons: Light weight cannot ride in high speed in wind, Headlamp is relatively not bright enough, Failure of cable (Odometer cable, Accelerator cable) observed over a period of years.

  • 2.2

    Yamaha spare are not available whenever you want it and the behaviour of Yamaha's employees are not good for yamaha saluto 125cc average bike..they said that about it.. who said to buy this bike.. you should buy Yamaha super bikes😔

  • 3.8

    Its 11 months now I purchased saluto 125cc bike. Till now have crossed 5000 km running and haven't face any issue with bike.. Average was initially 55-60 but as of now it's 65+. It improved after 3rd service. No vibration at 65kmph speed. Comfort to drive with medium speed. Easy to handle. Only problem is gears shifting is hard. Specially first and second. Hope the mileage will stay as it is for long time :). Best of luck..

  • 4.6

    Been driving for 4 months. I get a mileage of 62kmpl (if driven at 40-50 km speed) in typical high traffic metro. The only disadvantage I felt is the extremely low weight. When driving in highway, if we are to face high wind speeds, I felt like being moved along the wind. Losing the stability while facing higher wind speeds. No other Negatives for this bike. Eagerly looking for a long travel.

  • 5.0

    Saluto is very comfortable to drive with wide seat . Company mileage is 78 but it gives 60-65 kmpl. Overall bike performance is very good but very difficult to getting Yamaha saluto accessories.

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Yamaha Saluto Expert Reviews

Can the new Yamaha Saluto clinch the crown as the best 125cc motorcycle in the Indian two-wheeler market from the Honda CB Shine? We compare both these bikes and get you the answer

July 20, 2015  By Arun Mohan Nadar Photography: Eshan Shetty & Kapil Angane

All-new design, new engine and the lightest bike in its class – the 125cc motorcycle segment. We take a quick spin on Yamaha India’s newest 125cc commuter motorcycle Saluto – tipped as an alternative to the bestselling Honda CB Shine

June 23, 2015  By Preetam Bora Photography: Abhijeet Singh

The new Yamaha Saluto 125 replaces the YBR 125 and will pose an alternative to the Honda Shine in the growing commuter motorcycle segment. For more prices, specifications and pictures of the Yamaha Saluto 125 log on to ZigWheels.com

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