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Discontinued Model since 31 Mar 2020

About Hero Passion Pro

The second most popular brand from its large product portfolio, Hero MotoCorp's Passion Pro is style mixed with affordability at its best.

Hero Passion Pro Overview

The Hero Passion Pro receives a much-needed overhaul for 2020. It now comes with a BS6-compliant motor and a handful of mechanical updates, which should improve its overall riding experience.

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Q. What is the price of back brake plate?
  • For the availability and prices of the spare parts, we'd suggest you connect with the nearest authorized service centre. Click on the link and select your desired city for service centres.
  • Which battery is required for passion pro 97 cc 4lb or 5lb
Q. How much cost of Hero Passion carburettor?
  • For that, we'd suggest you please visit the nearest authorized service centre of Hero Moto cop as they would be able to assist you with the exact price and availability of the spare parts.Follow the link and select your city accordingly for service centres
Q. Petrol level indicator showing different if I put the bike on side stand. If I put main stand it shows different level. May I know how I can measure petrol level in the tank.?
  • The fuel meter indicates the fuel level depending on the positioning of the fuel sensor in the tank. if the bike is parked with a slight lean the sensor will provide different data rather than when the bike is parked upright.
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Q. Which bike is best Passion Pro or Splendor Plus?
  • Both the engines perfomes same but both bikes are made in different designs.. passion 3rd generation bikes were looking good with dual tone colours.. splendor design even today it has become classic from 2 decades.. personally i like splendour coz it can be modifeid also. Still it depends only on which design you like. Happy riding.
  • Splendor plus is best if your hight is less than 5"10 . the new passion pro coming with lot of fiber part which will get lose over time and make nasty sound . after 10-20 K ride they will start making sounds , you know what i am talking about .passion will give some level of comfort for tall people .
  • Passion pro is best in comparison of splendor plus .Look and engine quality is better than splendor Price is about equal.
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Q. Which bike is the best for daily run of 100km?
  • Depends on your need, if you are preferring a bike with good average or performance. I would suggest you to consider the 150 cc bikes. They have decent performance as well as average. You can look and consider Bajaj V15, Pulsar 150 or 200NS, Yamaha FZ, Honda CB Hornet and Hero Xtreme.
  • Depends on what you want it to do it could be either platina in terms of mileage and hornet in terms of speed
  • Depends on what you want it to do it could be either platina in terms of mileage and hornet in terms of speed
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Q. What is the reserve tank capacity of passion pro?
  • Have you calculated? passion pro give minimum 55kmpl. So if you saying 1.5 litres is in reserve then it should go to 82.5km. But you are getting 20km that means in reserve it should be approx 400ml
  • Have you calculated? passion pro give minimum 55kmpl. So if you saying 1.5 litres is in reserve then it should go to 82.5km. But you are getting 20km that means in reserve it should be approx 400ml
  • 1.5 ltrs reserved after that indicator starts blinking. My bike goes 20 kmps in reserve before blinking
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  • 1.8

    Passion pro bs6 performance is not good.Suddenly engine stops when gear changes in running.Some problems are there.3times given my bike for servicing.But problem not rectified.My expectations on this bike are totally wrong after servicing.

  • 4.2

    Good vehicle using from last 6 years low cost maintenance high use tough use reasonable service cost too

  • 1.0

    Bike is not good.Bettrey problem.Wireing problem.Someone problem in bike.I want purchase 3 months.Same problem every bike.

  • 4.2


  • 1.0

    No suggestion hero passion bekar gadi h high maintenance inconsistent performances totally fail gadi than he was h fail bike

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  • 3.4

    you may face some minor problems like fuel gauge not showing exact fuel, Speedometer bouncing, I3s works perfectly but i don't recommend to use it because it uses more energy from battery to start resulting in battery drain you will face this major problems like 1st is short you can only do 10 - 15 kmph, 4th gear is slow too you can't even climb a flyover with a pillion engine will stress out a lot, Clutch is good but it only comes with only 4 gears you can't even do 70 without feeling all the vibrations, Engine is so unrefined you will feel vibrations at every rpm by the way seat is very comfortable until you add a third person final conclusion -i will not recommend passion or splendor or any other bikei think honda shine 125 is the only bike which is refined, Powerful enough to pull 2 people on a flyover or any steep road and also comfortable

  • 1.8

    I am not happy with my bike performance & it's features major headache is i3s problem, mileage problem, Self start problem, Meter wiring problem, Engine sounds like water motor, Service station work quality is not good they do their work like a owner not do like a job so i suggest hero bikes are not good and after service experience is very bad even when i go to hero showroom to buy my bike they treat me like a begger i will buy this bike on 10/9/2019 on cash price but i say no to hero bikes

  • 4.6

    Overall i had a good experience with Hero and Passion as a combination, My Earlier Bike was as well Hero Passion and it lasted for around 13 years and gave a mileage of around 67-68 KMPH on a consistent basis, The new Passion Pro give me around 60 - 63 KMPH avg. overall better than all other models available in this segment. Even the person who took my earlier bike as resale is still using it efficiently so Hero hai to Bharosa hai...

  • 5.0

    I am practicing advocate i purchase hero passion x pro in the month of january 2015 new year booking but i am not aware show room has registered and given 2014 model to me.Hence one year lapse.Rto registration made on january 2015.I ride per day 10 km get average 50 kmpl in chennai city traffic.During the corona pandemic period i get 62 kmpl.I serviced my bike every bi month and changed engine oil till date i am happy.Thank you.

  • 1.4

    3monts agoI was buy hero paisan pro from chandipur(k.m.automobiles), after that until today I didn't get proper service & number plate. So many times myself requested regarding services & number plate, but they aren't giving anything properly. Not only that they are showing their bad attitude. I want to know from hero company, this way haw you people getting business from people.This is my first & last experience from hero

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