Semi-synthetic engine oil

Semi-synthetic engine oils are a blend of mineral oil and man-made materials. Synthetic oils are your best bet if you want better engine performance without shelling out a fortune


Semi Synthetic Engine Oil

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Semi-synthetic oils are a mix of mineral oil and pure synthetic oils. Usually no more than 30 per cent of the mix is synthetic oil. Compared to mineral oils, these are more viscous and have a better capacity of lubricating at very high temperatures. 


The advantages of semi-synthetic engine oils are that they are cheaper than pure synthetic oils, while being better than mineral oils. These oils can be used in most road cars as they have a high viscous capacity, heat transfer capability and additives which keep the engine safer, longer. They have a longer change schedule compared to mineral oils and are better at managing sludge formation too.


Semi-synthetic oils suffer from the shortcomings of the mineral oil used to make them. They are not as good as synthetic oils, tend to have shorter change schedule and may not be able to handle extreme situations as well. Semi-synthetic engine oils are a good option for those seeking a better alternative to mineral oils but find the pure synthetic oils too expensive.


The prices of semi-synthetic engine oils start at Rs 850.


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