Power steering fluid

Power steering fluid is used in hydraulic and electro-hydraulic power steering systems


Engine oil additive



Originally invented for heavy motor vehicles, power steering is a feature that aims to make the job of manoeuvring a vehicle easier. Almost all modern vehicles on the market today come with power steering systems that make the steering much lighter to turn. 


There are three types of power steering systems, namely, hydraulic power steering, electro-hydraulic power steering and electric power steering. Both hydraulic and electro hydraulic power steering systems use hydraulic fluid to power the steering with the help of a pump that is powered by the engine of the car. 


Power steering fluid is not required to be replaced. However, the level of fluid should be checked from time to time through the transparent container mounted in the engine bay. Ideally, the level of power steering should not drop, if it does drop then check for leaks around the container or pump. It is best to go for a power steering fluid recommended by the car manufacturer.


Because the hydraulic and electro-hydraulic power steering pumps are powered by the engine they only operate when the engine is running. A drawback of these power steering systems is adverse fuel economy as the engine uses energy to power the pump. 


The upside of hydraulic power steering systems over electric power steering systems is that they provide much more direct feedback to the driver when the vehicle is changing directions, thereby inspiring driver confidence. 


In case of a failure in the power steering of a vehicle there is no need to worry as the vehicle can be steered without power assistance as well, just that it will require a lot more effort.  


Prices of power steering fluid starts from Rs. 250 per litre onwards.

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