Mineral engine oil

Engine oil lubrication reduces friction and increases durability of car engine components

Mineral based engine oil

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An internal combustion engine has parts that move almost 6500 times a minute. The friction and the subsequent heat generated have an adverse effect on these parts, and engine oil lubricates them and averts damage. Temperatures in petrol engines reach 160°C, while diesel engine temperatures go over 315°C.


Engine oil is made from a heavy, thick substance derived from crude oil, with additives to improve certain properties. Engine oil forms a lubricating film between moving parts due to their viscosity. The viscosity or thickness must be adequate to form a lubricating film, but thin enough for the oil to flow around the engine parts.


Mineral engine oils are made from refined petroleum products, and do not contain man-made compounds. Additives change the oil’s viscosity. Mineral oils lubricate the engine parts and they have a large viscosity range. These oils are cheaper than synthetic and partially synthetic engine oils.


Mineral oil is not as versatile as synthetic oil and must be changed more often.


Prices for mineral engine oils start at Rs. 370 for a three litre can.


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