How often should you change engine oil?

Should engine oil be replaced aside from regular service intervals? Let's find out...


Oil change

Engine oil change is part of a vehicle’s regular service. But, at times, an oil change becomes imperative earlier than the service date. So, when and how often should you change engine oil?

A car user’s manual recommends regular service and engine oil change intervals. But a premature oil change may be needed if the engine has suffered excessive strain. Engine oil becomes thinner over time and loses its lubrication ability, necessitating an oil change. If ignored, it can reduce engine life.

Changing engine oil is an absolute must if you are starting a vehicle after a long interval, if you’ve travelled long distances at high speeds or gone mud-plugging. If a car has not been used for over two months, the engine oil collects in the sump and loses viscosity due to lack of circulation and a cold engine. So the priority is an engine oil change before you use the car. During high speed driving, there is more stress on the engine and the engine oil has to work harder for ideal lubrication which causes it to become thinner and necessitates replacement.

Synthetic engine oil has a better grade and can work in extreme conditions. But visit your mechanic for a check-up to make sure of its functioning.


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