Tyre Maintenance: Wheel Alignment

Getting your vehicle's alignment checked regularly is vital for avoiding irregular wear and tear of tyres. Read on to know more


Wheel Alignment



The alignment of a car is the basis on which it runs in a correct driving line. However, if the alignment is not right, a number of problems would crop up while driving the car. The problems can range from the car struggling to keep a straight line at normal speed to the vehicle pulling to one side and vibrations in the steering wheel. Prolonged ignorance will not only promote irregular wear and tear of the tyres, it could reduce the life of the suspension as well. Hence, make sure to get you car’s wheel alignment checked every 3,000 kilometres.

The main parametres while getting tyres aligned are the camber, caster and toe. Always make sure that the alignment is right and the suspension and steering linkage is in good condition. This is key to long tyre life.

These factors aside, bear in mind to drive in a controlled fashion and avoid rash driving on bad roads. Since, the car ages with each passing day, it is important to take care of both the car as well as tyres.


NOTE: Unless one visually sees uneven tyre wear, or has directional stability problems, you need not get alignment done. As a precaution, every second or third service you may get a check done.

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