Tube-type versus tubeless tyres

Tubeless tyres have phased out the tube-type tyre because it is better than the latter in terms of fuel economy, reliability, safety and performance. Here is how a tubeless tyre is superior to a tube-type tyre


Tubeless tyres





As the name suggests tube-type tyres consist of a tube which is placed between the tyre and the wheel rim. The tube inside the tyre is filled with air and inflated to allow tyres to support a vehicle’s weight and maintain the shape of a tyre. 


Tube-type tyres were used for many years by all types of vehicles with pneumatic tyres before the tubeless tyre was created. However, various drawbacks of a tube inside a tyre caused the tubeless tyre to become preferred over the tube-type tyre. 


The tubeless tyre scores over the tube-type tyre because it weighs less and hence less unsprung weight. Handling characteristics are also better with tubeless tyres. When the tube-type tyre looses its inflation, it has a tendency to come off the rim causing instability.




Tubeless tyres





The tubeless tyre also has the advantage of repairing punctures without removing the tyre from the rim and this means individuals can repair tyres by themselves if they carry a puncture repair kit in the car. Make sure that the puncture repair is done only to the tread area and not the sidewalls. 



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