Tools for car interior care

Keeping the interiors of your car will keep you and your car healthy. Materials used in the interior of your car can become breeding grounds for germs if not cared for properly, destroying the materials and affecting your health. Here are some tools which will keep your car interiors clean and beautiful looking

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1)    Fabric & carpet spot removing fluid

Removing stains from fabric components inside a car can be difficult. Fabric upholstery can be damaged if stains and spots are not removed in a proper manner. A spot remover combined with a microfiber towel removes stains without damaging the fibres of the fabric.

The prices of these products range from Rs 380 (Formula1 carpet and upholstery cleaner) to Rs 530 (Armor All carpet and upholstery cleaner).

2)    Carpet brush

A carpet brush has bristles which are soft enough not to damage the fabric in your carpet, at the same time these brushes can agitate contaminants like sand etc. loose so that vacuum cleaning the carpet becomes easier.

The prices of these products range from Rs 150 (for a simple bending handle brush) to Rs 580 (AutoFresh car duster).

3)    Plastic trim cleaner/detailing fluid

Some plastic cleaning fluids today do two jobs, they clean the plastic surface and leave them with a pleasant shine. It is recommended you use these solutions as normal detergent can be harmful for plastic upholstery in the car.

The prices of these products range from Rs 220 (Formula1 all in one) to Rs 380 (Sonax cockpit spray).

4)    Vacuum cleaner

The must have accessory for any car owner. A portable, small vacuum cleaner used every weekend can keep the car clean for longer. Usually a car does not require a thorough cleaning, a layer of dust on the interior is all that is there, which can be easily cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners made especially for car cleaning also have dedicated accessories which can be useful to clean to those hard to reach places inside your car.

The prices of these products range from Rs 2500 (Black and Decker) to Rs 30,000 (Clearock three motor vacuum cleaner).

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