Car air-conditioning maintenance tips

How to ensure a long, trouble-free operation of your car's air conditioning system

Car Air Condition

A car air conditioner’s components include the compressor, evaporator, hoses and belts, all of which are prone to wear and tear. These will need replacement if required to keep the air conditioner running smoothly. The owner's manual provides specific information on how to maintain the car’s air conditioning system.

We suggest you get a qualified technician to inspect your car air conditioner before the onset of summer, that also if at all you're facing any problems as regards the fucntioning. The compressor drive belt needs to be inspected for damage such as hardening, bubbles or cracks and its tension should be adjusted. The level of refrigerant fluid needs to be checked and refilled if needed. If the air conditioner is not cooling properly, have it attended by a technician.

Running the air conditioner once a month for ten minutes will maintain the coolant pressure. This prevents hardening of the hoses and seals failure. Turn the air conditioner to its coolest setting and highest fan speed. Run the ‘defrost’ mode for five to ten minutes to clean out accumulated moisture. This prevents mildew and prevents that dirty wet cloth odour in the system.

NOTE: Ideally, air-conditioning system in the car if functioning at optimal levels should not be tampered with irrespective of timeframe. 


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