Where Are The Electrics? Emflux One, 22Motors Flow, Vespa Elettrica & Auto Expo 2020

  • by Team ZigWheels
  • December 31, 2019
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- Hero Duet Electric Scooter launch date in India is unknown. - Emflux One top speed is claimed to be 200kmph. - UM Renegade Thor price in India would have been Rs 10 lakh - Honda PCX Electric Scooter won’t launch in India - 22Motors Flow Launch Date is early 2020 - Vespa Elettrica India launch is not on the cards The Auto Expo has served as a great platform for a lot of manufacturers to show off some really awesome electric bikes. In the 2016 Auto Expo, Hero MotoCorp showed off an electric version of the Duet, called the Duet E, which promised a range of 65km on a single charge and a zero to 60kmph time of just 6.5 seconds. Unfortunately, the project seems to have been shelved by Hero MotoCorp. The Emflux One, on the other hand, showed off at Auto Expo 2018, was supposed to become India’s first electric sportbike, with some tall claims of performance such as a top speed of 200kmph. Progress seems slow at this point though and we might see the bike hit production in 2020. The Honda PCX Electric and the Vespa Elettrica were two beautiful electric scooters showed off at the last show by two of the biggest scooter makers in the world. But these were just meant to be showcased, without a launch plan for India. The 22Motors Flow seems to be nearest to production of this lot though. After a tie-up with Kymco, the company is now called 22Kymco and the scooter has been renamed to iFlow as it uses the Taiwanese scooter giant’s Ionex battery technology. Hopefully, it will enter production early next year. For more information on these electric two-wheelers, check out the following links: Hero Duet E https://www.zigwheels.com/news-features/news/2016-auto-expo-hero-motocorp-unveils-duete/24545/ Emflux One https://www.zigwheels.com/newbikes/emflux-motors/model-1 UM Renegade Thor https://www.zigwheels.com/news-features/news/um-renegade-thor-launched-at-auto-expo-2018/29709/ Honda PCX Electric https://www.zigwheels.com/news-features/news/honda-pcx-electric-scooter-showcased-at-auto-expo-2018/29701/ 22Kymco iFlow https://www.zigwheels.com/newbikes/22Kymco/iflow Vespa Elettrica https://www.zigwheels.com/newbikes/Vespa/elettrica For more details and video reviews of the latest cars/bikes, do subscribe to ZigWheels: https://bit.ly/2T1LJD2 #EmfluxOne #22MotorsFlow #VespaElettrica
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