2023 Harley-Davidson X440 First Ride Review | ZigAnalysis With @powerdrift ‘s Varun Painter

  • by Jehan Adil Darukhanawala
  • July 6, 2023
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We’ve ridden the new and affordable Harley-Davidson X440 and here’s our very own @bawabiker and @powerdrift ‘s Varun Painter give you their first impression of the all-new roadster. We talk- performance, handling, practicality and most importantly, explore if this a “REAL” Harley!    


Host: Jehan Darukhanawala & Varun Painter

DOP: Gaurav Chandrashekar& Vikrant Date

Graphics: Shreelesh Shirke

Editor: Akshay Raj


Head over to know about each aspect: 

00:00 The Ride Starts

00:30 Sweet Motor

01:54 Slick Gearbox

03:23 Exhaust: Sweet or forced?

04:57 Agile Handler

08:08 Comfy For All?

09:48 Techy Bits

10:11 The Not So Pleasant Bits

11:38 Which Variant?

12:56 Where To Get It?


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