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BMW i7
BMW i7
Rs. 2.03 Crore
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BMW i7 User Reviews

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  • Long distance ride electric car

    This electric sedan has a range of around 550 kilometres per charge and a variety of charging capacity options. The maximum speed that the electric motor can reach is 250 kmph and this car interior has the highest level of luxury complete with a 32 inch screen but the tochscreen is not easy to read. The most expensive electric car is the BMW which costs significantly more and this car entire design language is very modern and elegant. In the premium electric sedan segment, the battery pack is the largest but the exterior could be more better.

  • An Electrifying Journey with the BMW i7

    I recently goes on a road trip from Mumbai to Goa in my new BMW i7 and it was an experience worth sharing. I was amazed at how effortlessly it goes along the highways.The interior is exceptionally luxurious, featuring plush leather seats and a spacious cabin that made our long journey comfortable. However, I did notice that the touchscreen sometimes lagged, which was bit frustrating.Also, I think that the car’s price point is quite high which makes it less accessible for many.

  • attractive and classy

    BMW I7 comes with a sedan body type with attractive looks and classy exterior. I bought this car six months ago at 2.5 crores. It has a good safety system and good ground clearance too. The maintenance of this car is a bit expensive which is the only con. The safety system is good with 7 airbags and other elements for passenger and driver safety. There are 7 colours available for the vehicle, all of them looks great and attractive.

  • bmw i7 most luxurious car

    The drive quality is of premium level and hands down the best. Its looks so attractive an quirky that it is sure to grab attention everywhere. The price range is so affordable that i will call it a steal deal. My buying experience at the nearby showroom was smooth and hassle free.

  • First Drive: The Electrifying BMW i7

    Having owned the BMW i7 for a few months now, my experience has been mostly positive with a sprinkle of everyday challenges. As BMW's step into the future of luxury electric vehicles, the i7 impresses with its range and tech features

  • The Dawn of Electric Luxury and Sustainability

    The BMW i7 heralds the next evolution of electric luxury sedans, effortlessly fusing the lavishness and also environmentally sound performance. Its futuristic exteriors featuring sharp lines and a powerful front grille echo the new trend of designing cars for the modern and sustainable living. Stepping inside, the i7’s cabin becomes a temple of luxury, decorated by the choice of the premium sustainable materials, cutting-edge technology, and a minimalistic design. Accompanied by the electric motors, the i7 delivers a very quiet yet a powerful performance, supporting the brand’s commitment to sustainable mobility, without sacrificing on the luxury. The state-of-the-art design, innovative features, and zero-emissions driving, and the concept of eco-luxury are what the BMW i7 is all about for those who want to feel the thrill and also glamour of a luxurious electric sedan. The BMW i7 elevates the eco-luxury bar to the new heights in the automobile world.

  • Redefining Sustainable Luxury

    The BMW i7 is the epitome of eco-luxury which sees the brilliant combination of luxury and sustainable engineering. A new era in electric mobility is signified by its distinguishable design, decorated with streamlined lines and the unique kidney grille. Inside, the i7 envelopes passengers in a world made of premium materials and the latest technology coupled with a green agenda.The i7 with cutting-edge eDrive technology makes a whisper-quiet but powerful performance, the BMW witnessing a zero-emissions future. Voluminous, futuristic inside, coupled with the set of environmentally-conscious components, make the i7 a successor in the electric executive car line. Exceeding the limits, the i7 car highlights this admiration for BMW company: the way of spontaneous juxtaposition of fashion and ecology.

  • Innovative Technology, Executive Comfort

    The BMW i7 leads the expressway in sustainable transportation and provides a decoration best sedan car experience. It's a hallmark of electric luxury,more advanced technology, and administrative comfort. Because it offerseco-conscious driver like me a quiet and peaceful ride, the i7's futuristic looks and luxurious innards are the reasons I like it consequently much. The i7 offers an advanced position of comfort and refinement together with a strong and quiet driving experience thanks to itsmore advanced electric powertrain and more advanced technologies. BMW has played to produce a supercar that embraces sustainability while maintaining the good situations of best experience and fineness. My favorite car is the i7 because of its special mix of comfort, fineness, and electric invention.

  • great performance

    As per my experience, the BMW i7 isolates out considering the way that its phenomenal electric drivetrain, offers a cheering pace increment and a peaceful, quiet help. Its smooth shape transmits progressed excess while impeccably relating intricacy and smoothed-out highlights. The broad inside features generally excellent quality establishments and cut-edge development, including a stoner obliging infotainment structure. The i7 is an ultrapractical decision for standard driving and pulled peregrinations considering the way that to its near and dear reach and employable charging features. regardless, the freight of the improvement could dishearten a couple of guests, and drivers could describe the shortage of genuine secures to separate.

  • BMW i7 Electrifying Luxury, Future of Driving.

    Explore the future of electric instruments with the BMW i7. During my test drive, I was stupefied by its Supermodern Design and Supermodern technology, which sets the metric for electric instruments. The i7 offers a flawless acceleration system, tale- quiet riding, and an exhilarating driving experience without compromising sustainability. Its sumptuous cabin is outfitted with high- quality accoutrements and country- of- the- art technology, icing comfort and luxury on every trip. The BMW i7 is a great my selection for people who watch about the terrain and want electric brilliance because of its surprising range and quick charging moments, which support the vehicle shift closer to a further sustainable future.

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