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Bajaj CT 110X
Bajaj CT 110X
Rs. 69,216
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Bajaj CT 110X User Reviews

Based on 391 reviews & 423 rating
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  • Dual-Purpose and Economical Ride

    The Bajaj CT 110X is one such dual-purpose motorbike that is easy ride in urban jungles and road terrain, packs an unmistakably solid design along with reliable 115cc engine and comfortable seat. It also gives an average fuel economy of about 65kmpl, which makes it a pocket-friendly vehicle. But it also has some disadvantages such as the lack of advanced features and vibration on fast speeds. For people that prioritize fuel efficiency and durability, the Bajaj CT 110X is a great pick. A bike that would roll through any surface, smoothly and with confidence.

  • Hero of mileage

    The Bajaj CT 110X is a tough and multi functional commuter motorcycle that can easily navigate through treacherous terrain and difficult road conditions with ease. Designed to last through the daily grind of commuting, it has chassis strength with high ground clearance from which sturdy suspension is mounted therefore providing excellent stability and ride quality. Having a dependable engine and useful elements such as the alloy wheels, huge instructions to gnome seat in addition with durable body design as its features the CT 110X is an excellent performer when it comes to performance along durability; hence making this bike commuter-friendly.

  • Rugged Versatility for Urban Adventures

    The Bajaj CT 110X takes the merger of rugged design and urban practicalities to new heights providing riders with a city versatile riding experience. Its solid styling with an impressive tank and puggy guards, characterized a sporty decal transmits strength durability. The vehicle is powered by a dependable 115cc engine and the CT 110X has truly responsive handling capabilities, it will maneuver through congested traffic with ease as well as take on badly potholed roads easily. The comfortable saddle, high ride height and sturdy construction are combined to provide a pleasant all rounder suited for riders of varying skill levels. Completing a location for their daily commute or journeying to the far end of established routes, urban adventurer comes up with variations in being associated with reliable functionality and easy versatility as provided by CT 110X.

  • Unleashing Adventure in Simplicity

    The Bajaj CT110X finds cause as a rock solid all terrain buddy, brilliantly balancing serenity with off-road competence. Its adventurist nature has been underscored by its powerful design that is marked by the high ground clearance, protective elements, and dynamic graphics coupled with captivating colors which implicates that the design is not for the eye of an individual alone. Armed with a solid 115cc engine, the CT 110X considerable despite there is conviction on the part of the riders to explore out into open country, while comfortable seat and durable construction combine endurance well. In complying with simplicity, the commitment of the CT 110X emanates, thereby making partner with such that term craves a fun and affordable adventure off the mud.

  • Good mileage

    After drive to bike experience are good mileage is around 35/50 km easily 70/75 the bike is use to daily drive 50/60 km goodly

  • The Bajaj CT 110X is primarily known for its super

    The Bajaj CT 110X is primarily known for its superb mileage, reasonable pricing option with a comfortable posture and thus, the commuter bike has become highly preferable among budget-oriented riders. In terms of practicality, it performs well with low maintenance and good ground clearance. However, its rather small 115.5cc engine may seem drastically undersized on inclines and the bike clearly lacks modernity in terms of features. Considerations include pillion comfort, lack of space for luggage and vibrations at higher speeds. To sum up the CT 110X suits those riders who focus on fuel efficiency and ease of use for daily transportation, keeping in mind its simplicity as well as performance limitations.

  • Unleashing the Adventure

    Thе Bajaj CT 110X has еxcееdеd my еxpеctations as a vеrsatilе companion for daily commuting and off-road advеnturеs. Its robust build and highеr ground clеarancе makе it a truе off-road champion. Thе 115cc еnginе offеrs a pеrfеct blеnd of powеr and fuеl еfficiеncy, еnsuring a rеliablе ridе. Thе ruggеd dеsign, comfortablе sеating, and еnhancеd suspеnsion makе tackling rough tеrrains a brееzе. Bajaj has truly craftеd a gеm with thе CT 110X, dеlivеring a budgеt-friеndly bikе that doеsn't compromisе on pеrformancе, making it an idеal choicе for both urban and advеnturous ridеrs.

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