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Preferred For : Daily Commute

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Deepranjan Ghosh
Deepranjan G.. 4.6 8 Dec 2019

I am using this bike for more than 2 years. People who love to ride a stable, smooth and comfortable 150cc bike this is the best choice till date. Seat height is very good for people 5ft5inch to please 6ft. Short heighy people may face difficulties with this bike seat height. My height is 5 ft 8 inch and I feel so comfortable in this bike. Maximum distance I covered in a single day is 170km. Only issue I feel in long ride is seat is slightly hard. This bike is very good for seating 2 healthy adults. Seat is very long so no problem when pillion is in back. And pillion doesn't feel problem in this bike. Engine is very smooth. Gear shifting is also very smooth. I use motul engine oil for my bike so it feels more smooth. Only problem with engine I felt that the tappets are to be adjusted in every 5000kms or it become noisy. Other than that no problem with engine. Milage I get please 45kmpl. I use it daily so I will recommend it for daily commute.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Tours | Leisure Rides
Gets mileage of : 45 kmpl
Nirmal Singh
Nirmal Singh 5.0 19 Mar 2020

I ride bike for atleast 60 kms per day. Hence both comfort and mileage is necesaary. I have done many surveys through websites and by communicate with 150 cc bike owners {( because 150 cc bike provide more comfort than 100cc bike if we slightly compromise with mileage).Two bikes in market is best for performance and comfort Its been confusion for me to chose either bajaj pulsar 150 or honda unicorn 150. In a view of stylish and attraction pulsar can gain some more points, but in stability, comfort, maintanence, and longevity Unicorn is best for family man for long run. Also the leg position and posture of sitting in the bike is more comfort than pulsar while taking test rides. If your expected mileage is within 55 to 65 with better comfort. You can blindly chose unicorn for better riding

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 60 kmpl
Gaurav Gaur
Gaurav Gaur 2.6 17 Aug 2019

In the beginning for 5 years bike was in very good condition. Later I had to shift to a place where I was not having covered parking. In that environment within 1-2 years it started rusting very fast. It fuel tank got an hole. It was the old model of honda, so it"s parts weren"t available and along with the tank I had to replace other accessories too. Wait time for original parts was 6 months so I couldn"t claim insurance. Honda"s service centers are not very great. I had done rebore of my engine as well as I had even changed it"s wheels. So almost my entire bike got replaced by a new parts. It"s resale value is very less. All in all only for first 5 years it gave me a smooth riding experience after that it sucked a lot of money.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Leisure Rides
Gets mileage of : 45 kmpl
Shaif Ahmad
Shaif Ahmad 4.2 8 Jan 2020

The comfort level on this bike is simply phenomenal!!!.The engine is adequate for city rides and might be for some occasional tours but its simply not meant for revving it to the redline. It is a bit on the heavier side which helps it remain glued to the road but on the flip side the soft suspension setup with the heavy weight robs away the handling characteristics.You cannot push it to the corners because it doesn't inspire any confidence as such.The biggest prblm is its headlight which is actually pathetic.My bike is 9 years old and still returns a mileage of around 40 kmpl which is acceptable or rather nice. This bike is great if you want reliability and comfortable rides(a pillion would also be very comfortable).

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Leisure Rides
Gets mileage of : 38 kmpl
Shripad Mali
Shripad Mali 4.2 6 Oct 2019

The Bike is very good. Using it for an year. Mileage on Highways is 50-58 and in City it Gives 48-50 the grip of rear tyre is not good. It is difficult to use in the rain.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 50 kmpl
Arun Sathyanarayanan
Arun Sathyan.. 3.8 18 Sep 2019

Unicorn is a bike which I bought with Heart, not Brain. Features were not rich at that time when Yamaha FZ & Hero Hunk were on the Streets. Level of Refinement of this machine is Still unbeatable after clocking 100,000 plus Kms in Rain, Road, Mud etc. It is not a full blown touring machine, but I really enjoyed the moments of My rides with him. Still after his 7th Birthday he likes to Run as fast & as smooth as the day when I first crossed my legs.....

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Leisure Rides
Gets mileage of : 58 kmpl
dr srikumar
Dr srikumar 5.0 19 Feb 2020

Purchased Honda Unicorn 150 BS-IV in October 2019, till date travelled more than 3000 KM. Overall performance is very good. After purchasing within one week I experienced a long drive of 1000 Km along with my wife, was very good from comfort and performance point of view. Best output comes in 60 KM/Hr speed. I'm planning to have a ride of 3000 km in the next six months in this bike. Hope this will be a good support to meet my all needs of a bike. Let's see.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Tours
Gets mileage of : 55 kmpl
ANIKET KULKARNI 4.6 26 May 2020

Very good bike for daily commute. Average and mileage is also good. Good looking, nice suspension and comfort. And ABS really works very well. Also good for long drive. I travelled on this bike for 300 km in one day with double seat and experienced no issue with bike as well as comfort for driving and there was no any back pain too. Over all its worth buying.Honda should have given engine kill switch and Dual channel ABS to this bike.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
Anish Khati
Anish Khati 4.6 8 Aug 2019

A very comfortable , decent looking , and absolutely trouble free bike with great economy , very cheap maintenance and long lasting haste free spare parts , simple in design and can be repaired anywhere , this bike is a legend and can be handled in any nearby local garage , no skilled person required, economically very well , i get nearly 60 to 65 kmpl on highways maintaining a speed between 55 to 70, in city i get 50 kmpl and in heavily traffic on 2nd or 3 rd gear it provides me 30 to 37 kmpl , I"m happy though , just one tip for all the unicorn owners , change the rubber diaphragm inside carburetor after every 20000 km , the starting problem will not arise , take care of your bike wash regularly wear helmet and don"t break the rules and traffic signals , ride safe

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Tours
Gets mileage of : 59 kmpl
Niranjan Bhandwalkar
Niranjan Bha.. 5.0 16 Nov 2019

Honda made this mussel bike in 150 segment.. The bike looks is very cool and classic... Bike ride quality is a very good.. In city traffic or highways.. Bike maintenance is also in budget.. But few changes in next bs6 model... New meters console like fully digital.. And improve headlamp.. And tubless tyres.. Etc... Overall a good bike.. You can use daily comuter..

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 55 kmpl
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