Yamaha Might Be Working On A Honda X-ADV Rival

But it is unlikely that it would come in the next two years

  • Honda’s X-ADV is a unique scooter capable of going on mild off-road sojourns.
  • The Yamaha TMax is one of the most popular large-capacity scooters in Europe.
  • It was recently revamped for the current model year.

Maxi-scooters like the Yamaha TMax are quite the rage in Europe at the moment. But with the arrival of the Honda X-ADV, a scooter that could do a bit of off-roading, the TMax’s popularity took a slight hit. Yamaha recognises the impact the Honda scooter has had and it is possible that Yamaha could be exploring the off-road scooter avenue as well.

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In an interview with a foreign publication, Yamaha Europe’s marketing chief Paulo Pavesio said that Yamaha recognises Honda’s ingenuity with the X-ADV scooter. He added that while it is not a practice at Yamaha to emulate rivals, there is a lot of scope to explore with the idea of a cross-product between a motorcycle and a scooter, just like the X-ADV is. Yamaha will mull over the prospect of building a TMax-based off-roader but if it does decide to build one, it will certainly take over two years for us to see something concrete.

The Honda X-ADV packs a 745cc parallel-twin engine that puts out 64PS and 40.3Nm. Unlike conventional scooters, the X-ADV has a dual-clutch transmission, something similar to the one found on the Honda Africa Twin. You get long-travel suspension at both ends, front radial brake calipers on two 296mm discs and 17-/15-inch tubeless spoke rims shod with dual purpose rubber.

Sadly, none of these scooters are expected to hit the Indian roads as our market has not accepted the concept of a large-capacity scooter yet. What we are hopeful for is that Yamaha brings the NMax 155 to India soon. The scooter uses the same 155cc engine from the R15 and packs some decent kit as well.

Source: Motociclismo

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